With Brek Shea Gone, What’s Next For FC Dallas?

With Brek Shea Gone, What’s Next For FC Dallas?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 29, 2013
  • Brek Shea, Features, Stoke City
Brek Shea is leaving Dallas, so now what?. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Brek Shea is leaving Dallas, so now what?. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

I try not to comment too much on this space about FC Dallas, seeing as how I do more of that over at Big D Soccer. But seeing as how this is a pretty big story, it was worth another mention on this space.

Brek Shea is being sold to Stoke City, that much we know. I discussed a bit over at BDS on what FC Dallas has to do next – which is simple – move on.

First of all, that SuperDraft by FC Dallas is starting to look real suspect. Yes, they got one of the top players in the draft in Walker Zimmerman but that wasn’t a pressing need even at that time in the offseason. With Ryan Hollingshead’s future in doubt on whether or not he’ll even play makes the draft more of a head scratcher.

Dallas needs wingers and they need attackers. Both are vital for their hopes this season and now that the big international transfer window is shutting this week, their hopes of landing a big(ish) fish is fading fast. I have my doubts on whether or not they can use what they have, along with some batch work additions until the summer transfer window. 

A quick look at the Dallas attack and you’ll see some quality but also some suspect kind of players. Blas Perez is the focal point but he’ll be out some of this summer with possibly Gold Cup duties as well as World Cup qualifiers. They have two young HGPs in the attack and one of those (Jonathan Top) will likely be gone this summer as well with the U-20 national side. That leaves a newcomer in Pipico up front, and the early returns on him have been iffy.

Then if you look out wide it is just a young exciting player in Fabian Castillo and an occasional head case in Jackson. They do have a former MLS MVP in David Ferreira to tie it all together but the depth behind him and the two wingers is lacking.

Dallas will now get about $650k in allocation from a sale on Shea to use for this season (and even next if there is still some left over). In a year where teams like Colorado, Salt Lake, and Portland all improved in the offseason, Dallas may be the one team that just hasn’t done enough to convince me or anyone else that they can hang with the likes of LA and San Jose out west.

The next month is huge for this club. They have a trip to Mexico and Portland lined up and if that attack doesn’t get any deeper, the fans will get even more nervous than they already are.

I plan eventually in February to go through and rank the offseason of each MLS club. Right now things aren’t looking so rosy in the Big D but a couple good signings by Fernando Clavijo and Schellas Hyndman will quickly change that thought.

  • emg117

    Not to get off topic, but how has RSL improved? Yes they shed some cap space which they had to do, but they haven’t done anything to improve, other than bring in Findley to replace Espindola essentially. Yes Schuler and Watson can be starters in MLS, but they were already there. Where is the depth? Maund or Palmer < Olave? Vianna or GIl < Johnson?

    • Be patient, I’ll get into that later on. But in short I see it as an addition via subtraction for RSL.