Manchester City Owners Investing In NY2?

Manchester City Owners Investing In NY2?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 14, 2012
  • MLS Expansion, New York City Expansion

I’ve always said I would like to see a new MLS owner be from the Middle East. But I’m not so sure I am down with this idea.

Bloomberg News is reporting that EPL’s Manchester City owner Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is close to being awarded the Major League Soccer expansion franchise in Queens, for a record $100 million.

The $100 million isn’t a shocker to see, it has been long rumored that the price tag for a second team in New York would be around that mark. Someone like Mansour could afford that price.

The report also stated that the new team would be called New York City Football Club, or NYCFC. Those names have already been trademarked by the league so that isn’t a shocker as well.

The question would be come, how much of an extension would this team be of Manchester City? Are we talking Chivas USA-type extension here? Or just a ownership similar to the Red Bulls (they have a sister club in Austria)?

One of those hasn’t worked in MLS for a few years while the other sort-of has worked. I’ll leave you to guess which team I am talking about as the one that has kind of worked out with that kind of ownership.

In a way this is good news and in a way it is not. Man City reported a big time loss this past year of almost $160 million. So uh, yeah, that is not good to see. This group may have money and more coming from the Middle East but does MLS really want to get in bed with a group that has that big of a red mark on their books right now? I’m not a fan of that to be honest.

What do you all think?

  • As a MCFC fan I LOVE this idea. I was holding out for the Cosmos but would love to see this team in NYC

  • By the way, Kroenke’s owns both the Rapids and Arsenal. I believe THAT is the best relationship.

    • Yeah, I forgot to mention that one. I still wish they did more together though. Maybe one day.