2013 Generation adidas Update: Six Offered Deals

2013 Generation adidas Update: Six Offered Deals

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 13, 2012
  • 2013 MLS SuperDraft, Generation adidas

I spent time earlier this week listing out what my sources had been saying about this year’s Generation adidas class. I said it would be small and I’m certain it will remain that way.

This morning Buzz Carrick over at 3rdDegree.net has an update to the GA class. Typically Carrick is given a list of players similar to what I had been given, his track record has been pretty good over the years so I’d go with what he has to say about the first few players that have been offered deals from MLS.

One player has already signed while five others are pending.

Players offered GA deals:
Deshorn Brown (contract to be extended)
Andrew Farrell (contract offered but not accepted as of this date)
Jason Johnson (contract to be extended)
Mikey Lopez (contract offered but not accepted as of this date)
Kekutah Manneh (contract signed)
Andrew Zimmerman (contract offered but not accepted as of this date)

Zimmerman is likely close to signing. He has already left school and signed with an agent. I’ve been told that Ferrel and Lopez have done the same. I’d imagine those three along with Manneh will be announced first by the league here within the next week or so.

From what I’ve been told Eriq Zavaleta is still on the short list to be offered a GA deal. That would bring the list up to seven players, right at the figure I believe it will end at. I did have sources telling me that Andre Blake and Patrick Mullins were on the short list to get offers earlier this week, from the looks of Carrick’s list and from what I’ve been told today, Blake likely will not be offered a deal while Mullins is still in a toss-up state.

Carrick also reported that four seniors have signed deals with MLS as well. Notre Dame’s Ryan Finley and Dillon Powers, UConn’s Carlos Alvarez and Maryland’s John Stertzer.

A few more seniors will sign before the draft, I’d imagine at least three or four more will.