MLS Re-Entry Draft: Quick Thoughts

MLS Re-Entry Draft: Quick Thoughts

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 4, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Re-Entry Draft, Features

Will Hesmer could be a good option for some club in the Re-Entry draft. (Getty Images)

The first stage of the 2012 MLS Re-Entry Draft is set for Friday afternoon. Obviously there are still some lingering questions going on until then. I know some of you have asked for some explanations to the rules of this process as well.

The quick and dirty of it all for Friday is that clubs can still re-sign players that are on the list until Friday. After that, they go into the Re-Entry process and if selected they are required to be offered a contract that a bona fide offer (generally 5% higher than their 2012 deal) or exercise their contract extensions.

Should a player reject the offer, the drafting club will hold the right of first refusal for that player in MLS. Players with option years left on their contract will automatically be added to the drafting club’s roster.

Fun right?

We’ll get into what stage two means next week.

I did have a few thoughts on the players listed yesterday evening on the Re-Entry Draft list. Some are more intriguing than others.

Younger player worth taking

Corbon Bone – I know Travis Clark over at Top Drawer Soccer always has a special liking to Bone. I joked with him earlier in the day when Bone’s name was added to the list saying that he’d take him in a heartbeat if he were a MLS GM. I like Bone as well, I think he never really got a good chance to show his worth in the Windy City, much like some other Generation adidas players in his class.

Tony Tchani – A young defensive midfielder type player that has bounced between New York, Toronto and Columbus over the last couple of seasons. I still think in the right set up Tchani would do very well in this league. I thought Columbus was that place at first but over time it didn’t pan out. I still think he’ll get one more chance to prove it though.

Julius James – Another young player from Columbus that didn’t work over time. He’s a good depth piece in my mind and at the right price, a good team would do wise to take him.

Rodney Wallace – I was a little surprised to see Portland put his name on the list. My gut feeling tells me he’ll re-sign there before Friday but if not he would be a good pick up to have. I think he’s been playing out of position in Portland though.

Ike Opara – He’s GA deal ended and San Jose just couldn’t afford to keep him, it was as simple as that. Someone else will gobble him up as he still has some serious potential when he is healthy. I’d take a chance on him if I were running a MLS team.

Eric Avila – The former FC Dallas super sub had some good times in Toronto but not nearly enough. I’d love to see a west coast team pick him up and use him to his full potential.

Veteran players to take at the right price

Conor Casey – Hey, if healthy and at the right price you can’t argue with taking Casey. He is still a heck of a striker and one that could be a major pickup for some club this winter.

Danny Califf – Someone needs to get him at a cheaper salary to make this work but he can still be a leader in the clubhouse.

Will Hesmer – Another one of those ‘if healthy’ guys that would be worth grabbing. Between him and Kevin Hartman, there aren’t any worthwhile keeper options on this list. Hesmer would be the cheaper of the two though.

Kevin Hartman – I think he gets picked up to go back to LA. I really do. It is a shame how his time in Dallas ended though, the way that deal didn’t work out really didn’t sit well with many locals.

Marvell Wynne – I was a tad surprised to see him go from Colorado as I thought that place really did him well. I still believe someone will take a chance on him this offseason though and at the right price he could still be a starter in this league.