2013 MLS SuperDraft Prospects: Forwards

2013 MLS SuperDraft Prospects: Forwards

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 21, 2012
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Gyasi Zardes has ties to LA but could go overseas instead.

We are at the final list for the 2013 MLS SuperDraft prospects. Good timing too since Turkey day is tomorrow and I probably won’t be blogging a whole lot until next week. Next week I may start putting some of these players in more of an order or a board if you will. Not quite a Big Board but damn close to one.

Also, again the mock drafts won’t start appearing on here until the middle of next month or so. A little pre-Christmas gift for you all.

To recap, I’ve looked at the prospects for the keepers, defenders and midfielders. Today is all about the forwards.

[box type=”info” style=”rounded”]One final note, as I always disclaim before I write up one of these posts on the SuperDraft. Don’t get attached to the order that these players are in and don’t get attached to the names on the list. A lot can happen between now and MLS Combine. Not to mention with the Home Grown Players out there these days, we won’t see some of these guys go through the draft as it is. Lastly, if you see a guy you think I missed, feel free to comment below. But again, with that, don’t automatically expect him to make the next list.[/box]

So here we go…

Chris Thomas (Elon) – The hard-working, speedy forward got a lot of attention this year as the nation’s leading scorer. The senior has the tools to be a good player at the next level and will be someone that is going to be high on a lot of draft boards. A strong Combine will also help elevate him more too I believe.

Ryan Finley (Notre Dame) – Crazy to think that he could be a first round target without starting a single game this season. He is the definition of a “super sub” if there ever was one. But will he be able to handle the riggers of a MLS life? That will be a question many will ask. I think he will be a good player on the next level but he has a lot of questions to answer before then.

Will Bates (Virgina) – I’ve talked about this guy for the last three years so you know I’ve always been high on him. Injuries kept him from going out and landing a GA deal but now that he has had a solid senior season, I think many will be turning to him late in the first round as a good value pick.

Eric Zavaleta (Indiana) – Many believe he could be the top pick in this draft. As a GA target, he will be too good to pass up early in the first round for some clubs. He pretty much carried Indiana to the 16th seed in the College Cup with his 16 goals this season. He is basically Will Bruin 2.0 in my mind, it doesn’t hurt that Bruin was also a Hoosier as well, so the similarities are there.

Gyasi Zardes (CSU Bakersfield) – The LA Galaxy product is an absolute beast. I saw him play here in Dallas earlier this year when CSU Bakersfield took on SMU and man was this guy a man among boys out there. He’s big, strong and extremely athletic. Some believe he’ll go to Europe instead of the Galaxy but he has a big future ahead of him here either way. LA would be wise to offer him the money now if they can.

Mamadou Doudou Diouf (UConn) – Another GA target on the list, Diouf is a big Senegalese forward that has no problem getting physical with defenders and fighting for the ball. He’s good in the air and good with his feet. In the right set up he’ll do well in MLS but I do worry about him hitting the rookie wall early should he come out and snag a GA deal.

Ashton Bennett (Costal Carolina) – The Jamaican has some solid highlight reels to watch. Sure he went to a smaller school and beat up on a bunch of smaller schools but he’ll get a chance this weekend to show his worth against Maryland in the College Cup. He already helped beat up on Wake Forest in the last round but a strong showing against Maryland will definitely get him up on a lot of draft boards.

Patrick Mullins (Maryland) – Another GA hopeful here. Mullins has done well in three years at Maryland but none of his time has been as impressive as this season. He is so versatile, which makes him a big time prospect for this draft. I still have reservations of him leaving early to sign a GA deal but he’ll go early in the draft if he does.

Erik Hurtado (Santa Clara) – Right now the word is that the Portland Timbers are hoping to snag him with a HGP deal. But that isn’t a 100% due to all the weirdness surrounding Portland and those HGP deals. Anyways, the senior is a dangerous player that will likely be a good option at winger in MLS rather than up front. He has speed to burn and is a crafty guy that does well in front of the net.

  • tommy tonus

    What questions does Finley need to answer??? He’s a sub because that’s Bobby Clarke’s system. Finley’s never missed a college game in four years. Scored 54 goals in his college career. Was in Residency as a high school sophomore and junior. Scored 21 goals this year when everyone was on him while playing for the team with the number one RPI and number one SOS. Look at some of his goals on film this year.

    • Many folks around the league question whether or not he can go 90 minutes at a higher level. Being a full-time sub in that system didn’t help his case. Sure his goal numbers are nice and he’s scored some good ones but he has to prove he can go 90 minutes. Simple as that.

      • tommy tonus

        Agree, it is a little bit strange to have what should be the Hermann Trophy winner coming off the bench all year. Look at his body of work over the last six years and the 90 minute “issue” is really not an issue. It’s simply Clarke’s way. If Clarke thought it would help the team win games Finley and his teammates would stand on their heads for 20 minutes before every game. Ask anyone who has been around this kid about his work rate in practice and the offseason. By the way, I think Finley went 90 minutes in the Georgetown Big East Final. Turned out ok. Simple as that…..

        • Tommy, I’m not questioning his work rate. Its good enough for MLS. I’m just giving you what people who scout for a living have told me when they’ve looked at him. As good as he is there are questions there.

          • tommy tonus

            Got it. Thanks.