2012 College Cup Preview: Part 2

2012 College Cup Preview: Part 2

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 14, 2012
  • 2012 College Cup, Features

Maryland looks to have a decent shot at reaching the final four. (Photo via Maryland Athletics/TJ Root)

Time to move to the other side of the bracket today. Yesterday I examined the Notre Dame and UConn side of the bracket, today I’ll move over at look at what Maryland and Georgetown have to do to win their respective brackets.

For a full look at this year’s bracket, click here.

Bracket 3

Top seeds– (2) Maryland, (7) Marquette, (10) Louisville, (15) Wake Forest

Favorites – Maryland. It is all about Maryland.

Sleeper team – Coastal Carolina. Some how this team always seems to go under the radar but they have talent that will push teams around. Pedro Ribeiro is a solid player to watch from them as well, a guy that could be looking at raising his MLS SuperDraft stock.

Player to watch for – Patrick Mullins, Maryland. If you’ve seen this kid play at all this season you will understand why I single him out here. Some MLS teams hope he will go to the draft early as a Generation adidas player but even if he doesn’t, this kid has some serious talent that cannot be overlooked.

Best first round match –  Elon vs. Costal Carolina. Two underrated teams and honestly two teams that can probably upset Wake Forest in the second round.

Best potential match – Louisville vs. Maryland – The Cardinals are a tad underrated in my mind and I still believe they have the talent to go deep if they want to in this tournament. Marquette will push them around in a nice Big East match in the third round but should both Maryland and Louisville get to the quarterfinals of the tournament, it will be a game for the ages.

Path to Hoover –  It all depends on Maryland and what they do. They stumbled just once this season and down the stretch they began to run out of gas but I think they will turn it on again in the tournament. Just too much talent on that squad not to. 

Bracket 4

Top seeds– (3) Georgetown, (6) UCLA, (11) Tulsa, (14) VCU

Favorites – Georgetown is the favorites being the highest seed. But don’t sleep on UCLA.

Sleeper team – Charlotte. Hard to call them a sleeper team since they reached the College Cup finals just last season but they aren’t a seeded team again here. This group has the experience factor that few teams have in this bracket as well.

Player to watch for – Ryan Hollingshead, UCLA. A big time player on the wings for the Bruins. Six goals and eight assists on the season should speak for itself.

Best first round match –  UAB vs Charlotte – Both are solid teams and ones that will give Georgetown a run for their money in the second round.

Best potential match – Georgetown vs. UCLA  – East coast vs West coast with a shot at the College Cup final four on the line.

Path to Hoover –  This bracket is a little tricky in my mind. I think the Hoyas have the talent to reach the final four but my gut continues to lean towards the Bruins. Then again this bracket could spring an upset all together with teams like Charlotte and South Florida lurking in the unseeded area.