US To Host and Participate In 2016 Copa America

US To Host and Participate In 2016 Copa America

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 25, 2012
  • 2016 Copa America

The rumor and dream is finally a reality.

South American soccer governing body CONMEBOL will hold a special Copa America tournament in 2016 in the United States to commemorate the organization’s 100th year.

CONMEBOL said at a meeting of its executive committee in Argentina Wednesday that the tournament would include the 10 South American teams, plus the United States, Mexico and four others from the CONCACAF.

CONMEBOL said in a statement that the four CONCACAF teams would be added according to their rankings in the Gold Cup.

It’s the first time the event will be played outside South America and it will be held in July.

This is obviously huge news for everyone in the States who have been wanting a duel Cup between CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. There have been talks about this duel tournament for ages and now the dream is finally going to come true. Better than just coming true, the first go around with this set up will be held in the US. CONMEBOL was wise to place the tournament in the US since it will be a huge cash cow for them.

With the US not getting a World Cup on their grounds for at least another 12 or 14 years, this news should help soften the blow of not getting the 2022 bid. If the US hosts a successful tournament (which we will, come on!), you can bet it will happen again.