Julian de Guzman on Toronto and Karma

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On September 16, 2012
  • Julian De Guzman

Such a fun quote after last night's FC Dallas-Vancouver game from Julian de Guzman. Sometimes karma is a funny character and it seems like de Guzman is finally getting to laugh at it all.

Julian de Guzman on Toronto and Karma
  • Mickey

    Why would this count for karma? One we don’t even know if Mariner said that. Does Mariner strike you as the type to tell players that kind of cynical comment? Not me. And two, karma hasn’t really shown anything. Dallas has been doing better. De Guzman gets his first goal. And De Guzman has sucked with TFC. Whats the karma here? He might get to the playoffs? So would Mariner if he was “traded” to a different team.

    • He said it was the karma of things in his quote. Simple as that. If Mariner did tell him that (which we don’t know, you’re right about that) then it certainly is karma that he is doing well outside of Toronto.