Chivas USA Owner Change Only The Beginning

Chivas USA Owner Change Only The Beginning

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 31, 2012
  • Features, Jorge Vergara

It’s been a rough couple of years in LA for Chivas USA. (Getty Images)

The other night an email popped into my inbox from the league’s front office communication team. It was a simple message about Chivas USA saying how Antonio and Lorenzo Cue, brothers who were co-owners of the team along with Jorge Vergara, are out.

Vergara and Angélica Fuentes are now the sole owners of the league’s second club in LA. Big deal in some ways but possibly a sign of change to come as well.

We don’t know if the Cues were bought out or what in this deal. They were they day-to-day operators of this club, which now will shift to Vergara. One thing will be certain though given how this club has done things in the past and based on how things have gone this season, we’ll see a whole sale change of the guard this off season.

Yes, that means new coaching, new front office and likely a bit of a roster blow up in the process too. One report is already suggesting that GM Jose Domene was dismissed Thursday.

I’ve been a big backer of Robin Fraser as a coach but this thing just hasn’t worked out for him in LA. Then again Fraser just join the long list of coaches with this club that haven’t worked out or just weren’t given enough time.

Hell, this whole ‘Chivas USA’ thing hasn’t worked out well for the league.

With the 10-year lease and marketing agreements signed with AEG set to expire in 2014, people will continue to suspect that this club gets moved to a more viable location like Orlando, San Antonio, or San Diego. Even since day one this club has been long projected to move else where and relocate – something the league constantly states they will do everything they can to avoid.

We know Chivas is searching for a new home in Southern California but that seems more like a pipe dream at the moment.

If anything, Chivas has kept other Mexican owners from buying into MLS. We’ve heard the potentials from clubs like Club America, Monterrey and Pachuca but none have been able to crack into MLS like Chivas did back in 2004. That or they’ve realized after nearly 10 years of them being in MLS that it isn’t worth the money to have a branded team in the US.

But I digress.

One thing is certain, this club is going to go through a major face lift this fall with the Cues out of the way. While it won’t be a facelift in terms of a new brand, name, logo, etc., it should mean that we could see this team actually get some proper attention to make them contenders again for the first time a few years.