Caleb Porter To Be Portland’s Next Coach?

Caleb Porter To Be Portland’s Next Coach?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 27, 2012
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I want to open this up with saying I don’t like the idea of this move at all, for either side. is reporting this morning that the Portland Timbers are set to offer their head coaching position to Akron head coach and US U-23 national team head coach Caleb Porter.

The Portland Timbers have offered their head coaching job to University of Akron coach Caleb Porter, according to sources.

If he is hired, Porter would replace John Spencer, who was fired July 9 after one and half seasons in Portland. General manager Gavin Wilkinson is currently the interim coach for the Timbers.

The Timbers declined to comment.

Again, I’ll say I don’t like this move one bit. Look Porter is an excellent coach and is definitely one with a very bright future in this game. He’d lead Akron, a tiny school in terms of college soccer into a power house. The 37-year old Porter is a coach that loves control. He wants to be involved in every process of building his team – which is what he is able to do now in Akron by recruiting the top players to come play there. He’s got the likes of Steve Zakuani, Darren Mattocks and Darlington Nagbe there to just name a few.

What I don’t like this is Portland’s management is definitely hands on. While there is nothing wrong with that the average Dallas Cowboys fan will tell you that a hands-on ownership like Merritt Paulson is doing in Portland doesn’t fly with a young coach that wants to be in control of everything.

I want Porter in MLS as a coach but in the right situation. It wasn’t the perfect situation in 2009 with D.C. United came calling and I don’t think in 2012 that Portland is the right answer as well.

Time will tell though and I could be extremely wrong about this too.

  • BWHoop

    Where are you coming up with this stuff about Merritt? He is nothing like Jerry Jones and to suggest so is disingenuous. Merritt is not the GM and is not making decisions on his own the way Jerry does. Merritt doesn’t know what he is doing, but he is not ruining the franchise by being in control like you suggest.

    • Paulson isn’t the GM, I know that (probably should have mentioned it a couple times too). But he is more involved as an owner than most in MLS. Plus given the assets (players, staff) currently there that will be required to be retained, it doesn’t make for a good situation out of the gate for a guy like Porter.

      Again, I’m always more than welcome to be wrong about something. I do think Porter will succeed one day in MLS but I just don’t think Portland is the place for him. Simple as that.