And The Other Side Of The Queens Stadium

And The Other Side Of The Queens Stadium

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 15, 2012
  • MLS Expansion, New York Expansion

All week the discussion has been surrounding MLS and their $300 million stadium deal in Flushing Meadows. According to the New York Post, the stadium deal seems to be just down to signing papers and getting shovels in the ground.

But not so fast. According to one writer, there is still a long and potentially painful way to go before all of that happens.

Neil deMause at Field of Schemes says that while a deal could be in place, the potential for it to happen in 2013 is way off base.

The short version: The project still needs to go through the city land-use process, which would likely take a year or more; and before it can even get to that point it needs the support of the local city councilmember, who is currently wary of the deal, in particular how and where replacement parkland would be located. Also, the Mets owners hate it, and they’re the kind of 800-pound gorilla that can stop something like this in its tracks.

That last bit of the quote is what makes this real interesting to me. The Mets owners, or the Wilpons to some have had discussions with MLS is the past about a potential team in NYC. Now if they truly do not like this deal I think it could mean they are out of the running for the club.

Like the article mentions, the stadium could still happen but we can’t get caught up in all of the early reports just yet.

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