2012 MLS, Week 23: Power Rankings

2012 MLS, Week 23: Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 14, 2012
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Another week down in MLS and another week with plenty of changes in the Power Rankings.

After all the talk about how good the Western Conference was going into this season, the top tier actually now has three Eastern Conference clubs in it while the rest of the top clubs in the West fill out Tier 2.

Interesting battles taking place as the playoff run is really in full gear here.

Team Rank (Last) Record (W-L-T) Comments
Top Tier (teams seen to be head and shoulders above the rest)
1 (1) 14-5-5 47 pts. Slowly pulling away from the pack. The latest come back by this club was quite impressive.
2 (42) 11-6-7 40 pts. The eight-game unbeaten run came to and end on Friday but I’m still feeling good about this club’s chances overall.
3 (3) 12-7-5 41 pts. Tim Cahill is starting to fit in nicely after his two assist night against Houston. The more we see that the better the Red Bulls will be here.
4 (5) 13-7-4 43 pts. Hell of a week for SKC. Nothing else to say really as they won the USOC final and then beat rivals D.C. all in a few days time.
Second Tier (teams expected to reach the post season but not quite on the level of the top teams)
5 (4) 13-9-3 42 pts. Their away form this season and really as of late has been dreadful. If the playoffs started today, I wouldn’t have any confidence in them going far.
6 (8) 10-7-7 37 pts. The big goals from Camilo and Dane Richards proved to be just enough to outlast RSL.
7 (10) 11-7-5 38 pts. The new look offense is starting to pay off for the Fire. Alvaro Fernandez and Chris Rolfe worked out nicely on the evening that saw the Fire post three goals in a big win.
8 (9) 11-11-3 36 pts. Love seeing the back line of Franklin, DeLaGarza, Gonzalez and Dunivant back together. If they can keep that group healthy I think we’ll see them push up the standings even more.
9 (7) 10-6-7 37 pts. Tough week, first a loss in the USOC final and then a late loss on the road to San Jose. Thankfully I think we can say that new DP Christain Tiffert looks like a solid investment by this club.
10 (6) 11-8-3 36 pts. Starting to get real dicy for United these days.
Third Tier (middle of the road in the league, teams could go either go in the playoffs or miss it entirely)
11 (11) 8-8-4 28 pts. No game due to the cancelation with Toronto for Kirk Urso’s funeral.
12 (15) 10-13-3 33 pts. Sanna Nyassi scored a great one on the night. Could this club really push the top five in the East for a playoff spot?
13 (12) 7-12-2 23 pts. Not having Carlos Valdes in the back showed exactly how important he is to this club.
14 (17) 6-11-8 26 pts. Kevin Hartman saved their butts a couple times but the fact remains Dallas is on the upwing for the first time this season. They’ve earned 11 points in their last seven games and with guys like David Ferreira playing well and Brek Shea returning to his old self, this team will make it interesting.
15 (14) 7-9-5 26 pts. They may have the games in hand at the moment but they are going no where with them.
Bottom Tier (could be a long year for these teams)
16 (16) 5-13-4 19 pts. Off this weekend due to the cancelation of their game with Columbus.
17 (13) 6-12-5 23 pts. The failure to score at home against an expansion team shows exactly how this season has gone for the Revs. At one point they looked promising as a club but the more you dive into this side the more you get disappointed.
18 (18) 8-15-1 25 pts. Colorado could have easily won in Dallas had their chances been taken care of better. With just one win in their last eight games, the Rapids look like a team that is move inclined to continue downward than upward.
19 (19) 5-12-5 20 pts. Off for the week and no where to really go. You have to wonder though who is next in line to leave this club.