MLS Releases New Tiebreakers For 2012 Playoffs

MLS Releases New Tiebreakers For 2012 Playoffs

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On August 8, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Playoffs, 2012 MLS Season

You want your club to get to the playoffs easier? Of course you do but the way to do it is with goals baby, lots of goals.

Major League Soccer announced a new set of tiebreakers to its playoff format that will be implemented this season, honoring goals scored as the first tiebreaker when two or more teams are even on points in the standings.

Total goals scored was only the third tiebreaker last season with head-to-head record and goal differential taking precedence. With the switch to an unbalanced schedule and more conference-based schedule the need of a head-t0-head tiebreaker became less important.

The league’s Board of Governors approved the following new set of tiebreakers to be used beginning with the current 2012 season “in part to encourage attacking play,” according to a league statement:

1) Most total goals scored
2) Greatest goal differential
3) Fewest disciplinary points
4) Most road goals scored
5) Greatest road goal differential
6) Most home goals scored
7) Greatest home goal differential
8) Coin toss (for 2 teams) or drawing of lots (3 or more teams)