2012 MLS, Week 21: Power Rankings

2012 MLS, Week 21: Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 31, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Season, 2012 Week 21, Features

After a weekend that saw the home sides go unbeaten, the road teams in Week 21 decided to make sure it wouldn’t happen again.

The San Jose Earthquakes remained the top dog in the rankings but teams 2-10 pretty much all moved around after that. It was just that kind of week folks.

Team Rank (Last) Record (W-L-T) Comments
Top Tier (teams seen to be head and shoulders above the rest)
1 (1) 13-5-5 44 pts. Another lucky performance out of this bunch. At some point those late goals won’t be there for them.
2 (4) 13-7-3 42 pts. Slowly but surely this club continues to stay on course for a Supporters’ Shield here. Just two points back now.
3 (2) 11-5-5 38 pts. Ugly performance on the road. Now Hans Backe has to figure out a way to get newcomer Tim Cahill involved.
4 (6) 10-5-7 37 pts. The climb up continues for the Dynamo. Dominic Kinnear is getting good returns all over the place.
Second Tier (teams expected to reach the post season but not quite on the level of the top teams)
5 (3) 11-7-4 37 pts. Another surprising home result. Sporting will be kicking themselves for not going out on the open market to get another striker before last week’s window closed.
6 (5) 10-7-3 33 pts. Off this weekend so they could play a friendly against Paris Saint-German. Hopefully Ben Olsen has been able to get everyone back on track here.
7 (9) 10-10-3 33 pts. Good teams find ways to win without their key players, and LA is proving that they are once again a really good team.
8 (7) 9-7-7 34 pts. Time for these new additions like Kenny Miller to make an impact. But at least rookie Darren Mattocks can say he’s probably in good condition to win the Rookie of the Year award this season with his current pace.
9 (10) 9-5-7 34 pts. Eddie Johnson continues to impress. His latest goal and assist effort got the Sounders back on track out West.
10 (8) 9-7-5 32 pts. Sean Johnson’s best performance to date was quickly overshadowed by a late laser of a goal from Steven Lenhart.
Third Tier (middle of the road in the league, teams could go either go in the playoffs or miss it entirely)
11 (11) 8-7-4 28 pts. Jairo Arrieta opened his account and then some against KC. There may be hope for this offense yet with him scoring like that. They’re officially my sleeper club out of the East.
12 (13) 7-10-2 23 pts. The turnaround continues, and Jack McInerney finds ways to score late. That kis has some talent in the making and I’m happy we’re finally seeing it out of him.
13 (11) 6-10-5 23 pts. Just when this club is getting closer to moving up, they take a step back thanks to a late goal by Philadelphia. At least they can hang their hats on the fact that Jerry Bengtson is doing very well at the Olympics so far.
14 (16) 7-8-5 26 pts. Once again, Chivas hits the road and picks up three points.
15 (14) 5-11-7 22 pts. The loss against LA couldn’t be blamed on injuries or suspension. It all came down to just a poor effort all around from this club.
16 (15) 5-12-4 19 pts. Probably their worst game over the last month. Simple as that, just nothing going up top and defensively still issues all around.
Bottom Tier (could be a long year for these teams)
17 (18) 8-13-3 27 pts. A nice win over a very good New York squad but honestly, until they can do this from game-to-game they won’t move far in these rankings.
18 (17) 7-14-1 22 pts. Losers of six straight, just not hope in sight for this bunch at the moment.
19 (19) 5-12-4 19 pts. At some point you have to just say it out loud, this season is over for this bunch.