Toronto Sends de Guzman To Dallas

Toronto Sends de Guzman To Dallas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 13, 2012
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Julian de Guzman has been traded to Dallas. (Getty Images)

The rumor mill was going in full motion last night on this deal and now it is official. Toronto FC has sent Designated Player Julian de Guzman to FC Dallas in exchange for Generation adidas midfielder/forward Andrew Wiedeman.

Yeah, a DP for a GA. That’s it. My sources also tell me that Toronto will be picking up the majority of de Guzman’s hefty $1.9 million contract as well, so for Dallas this is merely a rental for six months. Not bad.

De Guzman has logged 1,028 minutes for Toronto FC this season, picking up three assists in the process. After four seasons in Toronto, the 31-year-old has two goals and eight assists in 65 matches.

Wiedeman on the other hand has only made a total of eight MLS appearances for Dallas – with one most recently last Saturday against San Jose. The Generation adidas midfielder/striker showed a ton of promise this preseason for Dallas, scoring five goals in nine preseason matches but was sidelined with a sports hernia injury earlier this season.

To me this is a win-win for both clubs.

What it means for Dallas:

Dallas was always likely to unload Wiedeman after this season with his GA deal set to expire after this season and Toronto was also always said to be wanting to get rid of de Guzman.

De Guzman has been widely viewed as one of the most overrated DP’s in league history. If anything this is a good chance for him to go to another club in the league and prove his worth. Players who have been sent packing from Toronto in the past have done well at proving their worth to the Reds (think Jeff Cunningham, Edson Buddle and even Chad Barrett).

Dallas will get a guy that can slot right into the defensive side of the midfield with Andrew Jacobson. Most in Dallas believe that Daniel Hernandez is on his way out as a player anyways due to injuries and with his likely replacement (Bobby Warshaw) still hurt, this move makes plenty of sense to go for. Plus, the addition of James Marcelin hasn’t exactly been a great one for Dallas either so de Guzman is an instant upgrade there.

Losing Wiedeman isn’t exactly a bad thing either for Dallas but Toronto has done well with ex-Dallas cost offs as well. Eric Avila has done pretty well in Toronto since Dallas sent him to Canada last season.

What it means for Toronto:

This deal for Toronto is fairly simple.

They pick up a GA contract that doesn’t go on the books this season and unload a DP slot and a good chunk of cap space. If anything this signifies that they will be going on the open market for another DP, likely someone to man the back line. If they are smart, they could be setting their sights on someone like Carlos Bocanegra.

At the end of the day, this is a good deal for both sides.