Geoff Cameron Likely Headed To Stoke City?

Geoff Cameron Likely Headed To Stoke City?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 10, 2012
  • Features, Geoff Cameron, Stoke City

Geoff Cameron could be headed to England. (Getty Images)

The Houston Dynamo have reportedly stated that they will not stand in the way of any transfer involving defender Geoff Cameron.

The Houston Chronicle reported this morning that the club is okay with a pending deal with English side Stoke City for the defender. According to multiple sources involved, MLS is being offered $2.7 million for Cameron, which would be a record exchange for a Dynamo player.

Everton have also stated interest in the 26-year old.

The Dynamo would receive two-thirds of the transfer fee on Cameron.

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No official word on how long of a process it would take Cameron to receive a work permit in the UK but based on previous players going over to England (Robbie Rogers, Tim Ream), Cameron shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting one.

The deal would be a big blow to the Dynamo for this season. Cameron is easily one of their best players, if not the best player on the squad. He would leave a hole in the defense that has had issues this season. However, stating all of that, the Dynamo will have plenty of funds to work with and could bring in another bigger name to fill the gap left behind by Cameron this season or even next year.

Most know that I’ve always been a big supporter of Cameron’s, so hearing this deal does make me happy for him. It definitely is a well earned deal for him and the Dynamo.