Nesta, Impact Verbally Agree To Deal

Nesta, Impact Verbally Agree To Deal

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On July 5, 2012
  • Alessandro Nesta, Features

Alessandro Nesta could be joining the Impact. (Getty Images)

Update: Now it is official

Just call the Montreal Impact the Little Italy of MLS.

Alessandro Nesta was at Impact training on Thursday, the two sides verbally agreed to an 18-month deal today.

The center back will not be a Designated Player however according to

“Before he left, on Thursday night, he told us he was very much intent on furthering the talks with us,” De Santis told reporters. “We then decided to leave for Miami on Saturday and meet him again. It took a few hours before we could say there was a deal.”

The timing works out for Montreal as their two main center backs (Nelson Rivas and Matteo Ferrari)  are injured.  Montreal has been dealing with defensive issues all season long as it is, so a veteran like Nesta will certainly help.

I like this move for a couple reasons. First of all, it gives the league and Montreal a big name defender in Nesta. Second of all, he’s not a DP. The latter of the two may be bigger in this deal if it all works out for the Impact. A non-DP deal shows that teams don’t have to over do it on getting a big name to come to MLS. He should also fit in nicely with Montreal given the amount of Italians and players who have played in Italy on the roster at the moment.

  • Zack Kaiser

    Maybe because it is only an 18 month deal he is not a DP? It really surprises me that he is not but that is great for the Impact now they can invest that into making people show up for games.