Few Minutes With Brek Shea

Few Minutes With Brek Shea

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 19, 2012
  • Brek Shea, Features, Interviews

Last week I was given the chance to talk to FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea on his involvement with Deuce Brand watches. Below is a little interview with him on how things are going right now for him, FC Dallas and why he is teaming up with Deuce Brand.

WVH: How has the last couple weeks been for you? Has the foot/toe improved any?
Brek Shea: It’s been tough, whether it’s my club team or the national team, I want to be out there helping my team. It’s difficult to watch the games on TV or from the sidelines, especially when we’re fighting for points. I’ve basically been doing two-a-days, sometimes three-a-days, to try and get back as quickly as possible. The rehab is going well and I definitely feel a lot better than I did, but it’s still a day-to-day thing. I’d love to be back out there this weekend, but it just depends on how it continues to heal and we’ll see what the team medical staff says. Meanwhile, I’ll keep doing as much as I can to get healthy.

WVH: FCD is currently in a bit of a slump, what can you do to help get this club out of it? Anything you can do off the pitch to keep the moral up?
BS: We’ve been pretty unlucky early on, not just with injuries, but also the ball hasn’t bounced our way yet. It’s really tested our depth. But, the guys have been fighting and I feel like if we can just get healthy and string a couple of good games together, we’ll be able to find the momentum we need for a playoff push.

WVH: With so many injuries this season for FC Dallas, who in your mind has stepped up on the team that you didn’t expect to?
BS: We’ve had several guys really step up… if you look at our last game. We played at Houston and we were missing six players who would be starting if they were healthy. We had a lot of guys with very little MLS experience on the field and they did well. Until we went down a man, we had control of most of the match. I think with all the injuries and suspensions, we’ve only started the same lineup twice this year. It’s difficult to find your form with that kind of inconsistency and the guys have done well dealing with the adversity.

WVH: What have you made of this year’s Euros? Who are you rooting for?
BS: I have been able to catch a good amount of the games and it has been very interesting to watch. I really like watching Zlatan Ibrahimovic play but unfortunately Sweden is out of it. I don’t have a specific team I am a big fan of but I think Germany is looking really good thus far.

WVH: Talk about your involvement with Deuce Brand. What made you interested in partnering up with Deuce Brand?
BS: First off I like the watches to begin with. I think they are very unique and different and can add to anyone’s swag. I was really interested into doing this watch not only because of the brand but because of the people that are involved behind the scenes in the brand. Deuce Brand did a very good job in capturing my personality and who I am as a person in this watch. They have a very unique roster of athletes and I am just glad to be a part of it.


I’d like to thank Brek again for his time and to Deuce Brand for setting up the chat with him. You can see more of FC Dallas and Shea this weekend as they take on Chivas USA. Hopefully by then Shea’s toe injury won’t be nagging him as much.