Three Toronto Players Arrested In Houston

Three Toronto Players Arrested In Houston

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On June 18, 2012
  • Arrests, Player Stupidity

Talk about going from bad to worse on the year for Toronto FC. Just a couple days before their game against the Houston Dynamo, three players were arrested last night in downtown Houston.

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Miguel Aceval, Nick Soolsma and Luis Silva were jailed in Houston for public intoxication overnight.

“There was a large disturbance outside, the club called,” a Houston Police spokesman told the Sun. “Our officers tried to disperse the fight at which time they refused to leave and then began to have verbal altercations with the officers.

“One of them ran and so the officer ran and the officer took him into custody.”

My questions is, why is Toronto letting their players go out like this when they are 1-10-0 on the season? I can’t say I’d want to party on the road that much as a player if the team I were on were this bad this season. Then again I can see why some players would want to drink after/during this horrible season too.

Be sure to click that link from the Sun, it has some mug shots of the three players. I guess they go into the Wall of Shame for the league this season with that.

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