MLS 2012, Week 11: Fantasy Recap

MLS 2012, Week 11: Fantasy Recap

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 21, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Season, 2012 Week 11, Fantasy Manager, Features

Week 11 was a gamble week for my Fantasy club that in the end did not pay off. A low 47 points on the week – just five over the week’s average.

I gambled with my midfield yet again with brining in Brian Mullan who had two games on the week and Dax McCarty. The Mullan gamble didn’t work out as he got hurt and only gave out a single point.

What has usually been a strong point to my team – my defense – didn’t yield a ton a good results. I added Daniel Woolard and that worked out – his two game total was well worth losing a few points on the transfer.

Week 12 coming up is a busy one, a super busy one in fact. Lots of games with a few clubs having a double dip. I’m contemplating using the season’s wildcard to blow up the roster a bit. It would be a huge gamble to use it but more than likely I’ll stick to the one-to-three transfers and just go with the point deduction.

(Yes this is my shameless way of keeping myself involved in the Fantasy Manager, for those who haven’t seen these weekly updates, this is my way of pointing out my failures and triumphs as a Fantasy Manager. Hope you enjoy it, I take no credit in being any sort of fantasy soccer expert here.)