Chivas USA Strikes Deals With Philly, New York

Chivas USA Strikes Deals With Philly, New York

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 17, 2012
  • Danny Califf, Features, Heath Pearce, Juan Agudelo, Michael Lahoud

Juan Agudelo is finally going to get some playing time. (Getty Images)

Sitting near the bottom of a conference can cause issues for any club in MLS. But sitting near the bottom of the toughest conference at this stage in the season causes a club to make some moves.

That is what Chivas USA did today by making two big deals with the New York Red Bulls and the Philadelphia Union.

Chivas traded midfielder Michael Lahoud and allocation money to the Union in exchange for defender Danny Califf.

In the deal with New York, Chivas trades defender Heath Pearce and allocation in exchange for striker Juan Agudelo.

Yes, those are some big names being moved around here today with Chivas being at the heart of it all.

I’ll break it down team-by-team here to give you my take.

Chivas USA

The Goats land a veteran defender from California. Califf hadn’t really fallen out of favor with the Union fans but for some reason it has been a weird year for him with manager Peter Nowak. Califf has had some injuries issues this season but for the most part Chivas picks up a veteran defender that at times can be a lock down defender that wins you games. Other times he can be a head case on the field and cause you un-needed cards.

Landing someone like Juan Agudelo isn’t easy. Reports out there suggest that Chivas won’t get a full portion of any potential transfer deal involving him (similar to the Freddy Adu deal a few years back). Still, they get a guy that needs a fresh start and someone that can make an impact for them. I’ve always been back and forth on Agudelo. At times I love his skill and his ability but at other times I don’t see him as the next big thing. Still in the end, this is a great move for both sides and Agudelo needs time to play and he just wasn’t getting that in New York under Hans Backe.

New York Red Bulls

So yeah, Health Pearce ladies and gentleman. That is a solid return for Agudelo in my book. Pearce is one of the better defenders in the league and will certainly strength a shaky defense. But the bigger news is probably the amount of allocation they picked up in this deal with Chivas. Some are saying large sums of allocation were apart of this deal, which makes sense due to the fact that Agudelo has a decent transfer fee coming some day soon. New York gets some space to potentially get a third DP for this season, something you know will happen.

In a way, New York really made out like bandits in this deal.

Philadelphia Union

Califf moving was something we’ve heard all week. So that isn’t a shocker it was always down to who and for what. Chivas seemed to be the destination all along and that came true and now we know for what – allocation and midfielder Michael Lahoud. It may not sound like a sexy deal for the Union and their fans but Lahoud adds solid depth and versatility to the midfield there and getting some allocation is always good. I see them using that allocation this summer to land a DP.