Re-Drafting The Draft: 2009 Edition

Re-Drafting The Draft: 2009 Edition

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 15, 2012
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This is a little project I’ve been working on. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be re-doing the last three SuperDrafts.

I thought it would be interesting to take what we know now and put it against those previous drafts to see what would be different if the clubs had to redo those picks today. In some cases things will likely stay the same but overall I think we’d see a fairly different draft board.

Now I am only sticking to the first round, and I am only doing the 2009, 2010, and 2011 drafts. Possibly sometime next year I’ll do the 2012 one as well to add to this series but I felt going back to 2009 was as far as I could go here. A lot has changed since that year, as MLS has added four more clubs to the mix. I did not include players that were drafted and went over seas either as this draft did have a couple of those.

You may agree or disagree with some of these picks but its a fun look back at these drafts to see who did go where and who really should have been picked instead. 

Team Pick Player Comments
1 Steve Zakuani Yes he got injured badly but I’d still take him at the top spot here any day of the week when looking back at this draft class. Zakuani’s pace and skill from the wing has been fun to watch over the years and before his injury last year he was on pace for a special season.

(Original pick: Steve Zakuani)

2 Omar Gonzalez I always think that the Reds regret not picking Gonzalez. Cronin was a decent player in this time in Toronto (and he’s doing pretty good in San Jose these days) but no one has matched what Gonzalez has done in this league. Toronto would have had a defender that would have been a rock for many years.

(Original pick: Sam Cronin)

3 George John Had the draft gone this way, LA still would have received one of the best defenders in the league in John. Amazing to think that he was drafted so late in the first round back in 2009 but John has turned into one of the league’s best defenders. I’d say he would have fit in nicely under Bruce Arena too.

(Original pick: Omar Gonzalez)

4 Stefan Frei White never panned out in Toronto and was forced out in Seattle due to injuries. Frei has been a franchise keeper for the Reds since day one and they would have had to grab him earlier in my mind if they knew what he would turn out to be in this league. With someone like Gonzalez in front of him he would have been even better.

(Original pick: O’Brien White)

5 Graham Zusi Looking at how Schellas Hyndman drafts now compared to back in 2009, it is easy to think that he wouldn’t have even sniffed Marosevic. Graham Zusi landed in the middle part of the second round with Kansas City and has turned out to be a special player in the midfield for Peter Vermes.

(Original pick: Peri Marošević)

6 Chris Pontius D.C. still seems like a logical landing spot here for him, just one spot higher.

(Original pick: Rodney Wallace)

7 A.J. DeLeGarza Speaking of their other pick in 2009, Wallace was good but not great. DeLeGarza landed in LA in the second round and has been one of the more underrated defenders in MLS since then. His transition from fullback to center back has been a good one too. I can’t help but think D.C. would have loved to end up with him.

(Original pick: Chris Pontius)

8 Matt Besler No change in this pick for me. Besler has turned out to be a fine defender in MLS and for Sporting Kansas City. No reach on this pick after all.

(Original pick: Matt Besler)

9 Kevin Alston While I do like Michael Lahoud, I think defensively down the road, Alston would have helped the Goats more. Chivas has been lacking a solid full back for the last few years and when healthy Alston has been one of the better ones in the Eastern Conference.

(Original pick: Michael Lahoud)

10 Danny Cruz Cruz was a third round pick in 2009, mainly because there was so much unknown about him as a Generation adidas player. Houston was wise to grab him and develop him slowly. New England would have done a similar upbrining and I think in the end he would have added some solid stuff to their wing play.

(Original pick: Kevin Alston)

11 Sam Cronin This was certainly a tough one, Hall was good at the time of this draft but never really lived up to the hype. Cronin was the second overall pick and had a ton of hype as well but his days in Toronto were short. In San Jose however he’s done well with the Quakes and has certainly made sure his early picking didn’t go totally in vain.

(Original pick: Jeremy Hall)

12 Rodney Wallace Wallace in my mind is a guy that in the right system would be a fantastic player. Had he landed in Salt Lake, there is no question in my mind he would be a big time contributor for that club.

(Original pick: Jean Alexandre)

13 Baggio Husdic Husdic was another late Generation adidas toss up pick in the second round. I was always a big fan of his and belived had he gotten on a different club things could have been different for him. I think Toronto could have snagged him here, giving them still one of the better drafts.

(Original pick: Stefan Frei)

14 Mike Fucito Dallas fans may laugh at this one but given what else was out there in this draft with what they had at the time, drafting a young striker may seem like a dumb thing to do. But look at how well Fucito developed in Seattle, I honestly believe he would have done the same in Dallas.

(Original pick: George John)

15 Michael Lahoud New England got next to nothing out of Maxwell. Lohoud has been a solid player with Chivas and would have been a natural pick here for the Revs.

(Original pick: Ryan Maxwell)

  • Rory Bruggeman

    It’s fascinating looking back at these things. However, I don’t think DeLaGarza is as valuable if he’s not playing with Omar G. LA’s record shows that this season.

  • Rory Bruggeman

    PS, I don’t comment much, but I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work!