Alessandro Nesta To New York? Oh boy.

Alessandro Nesta To New York? Oh boy.

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 10, 2012
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Could Nesta make an impact in MLS? (Getty Images)

I don’t think the silly season (as they call it) ever really ends. Today the word around water cooler is that of Italian great Alessandro Nesta.

Nesta is set to finish up at AC Milan here in a few days, minutes, hours, whatever and now he has his sights set on America. Yes, MLS and particularly with New York.

Ah yes, New York. A team with big names, big budgets and a fancy stadium that can handle the likes of someone as swell as Nesta.

Look, I love watching Nesta, always have but you can’t tell me for one second that this deal is a smart one for New York. It’s nothing more than a gamble if he comes over and gets a DP tag. The 36-year old certainly will be the veteran leadership to the defense that Rafa Marquez never has done but at what cost?

I look at it this way with guys like Nesta, Raul, Michael Ballack. I want them here but I don’t want them here. Sure they are big names that would raise the profile of MLS to those abroad but at the end of the day none of them will contribute enough to make it worth any MLS GM’s time.

At 36, those are some old Italian legs that Nesta is running out there on. In MLS he’d not only have summer heat to deal with across our fair land but ridiculous travel that he hasn’t had to deal with in his career. Sure, he’s had some Champions League travels during his time but to consistently have to go from New York to Kansas City to New York to LA up to Vancouver then back to New York in a few weeks time (yes just spitballing a schedule folks, one that isn’t real), that doesn’t go well with older players.

If he does come this summer it is worth noting his longest road trips will be to Kansas City and Houston. Not terribly long seeing how New York has already knocked out their LA game and the longest trip to Vancouver will have already taken place by the time he’d be available. So there is that.

So I say thanks but no thanks.


  • Adnan7631

    I heard Montreal is going for him, while NY are looking for Adebayor. At least, that’s what it says on’s Kick Off