MLS 2012, Week 9: Power Rankings

MLS 2012, Week 9: Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 8, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Season, 2012 Week 9, Features

A lot of moving this week in the Power Rankings. The four tiers are starting to fill out a little differently than in the previous weeks.

The top tier gained a team while the second tier lost two sides (though they did gain a couple newbies as well). The bottom tier is still a total mess. Teams 13-18 are just a toss up and I totally understand any argument for anyone being higher/lower than they currently are. Only the Montreal Impact have an argument for being higher but I think it is safe to wait and see how their current run really goes.

Team Rank (Last) Record (W-L-T) Comments
Top Tier (teams seen to be head and shoulders above the rest)
1 (3) 6-1-1 19 pts. Lock down defense is guiding this club. Only three goals given up this season. Yes just three!
2 (2) 7-2-1 22 pts. Crazy win on Wednesday followed by a crazy loss on Saturday. Really no need in moving the Quakes though I do think the loss shows some issues that will creep in down the road with this club. Depth worries me with this bunch but so far they’ve managed with some injuries.
3 (1) 7-2-0 21 pts. Sporting was idle for two weeks and came back with a thud of a game against Montreal. It won’t get any easier for this bunch as they play an in-form Chicago side next.
4 (4) 7-3-1 22 pts. You really never know what you’re going to get out of this side. A nice 2-1 win over New England that showed this club can win despite beind a man down for 20-plus minutes.
Second Tier (teams expected to reach the post season but not quite on the level of the top teams)
5 (6) 5-3-3 18 pts. Tough loss in the midweek but a nice bounce back in Toronto on Saturday. But how about this, Andy Najar playing at right-back against Toronto? It worked out alright as they left BMO Field with a shutout.
6 (8) 5-2-2 17 pts. Not a lot of people are taking about it but Gershon Koffie is starting to be a real bright spot in the center of the midfield for the Caps.
7 (12) 3-2-2 11 pts. Marco Pappa is finally heating up, which is exactly what this club needs.
8 (9) 2-2-2 8 pts. One more game until they open up their new stadium. Their seven-game road stretch seemed like it lasted ages.
Third Tier (middle of the road in the league, teams could go either go in the playoffs or miss it entirely)
9 (10) 5-5-0 15 pts. They were pretty much gifted a win in Frisco on Sunday. Still a win is a win.
10 (11) 5-3-1 13 pts. So many new faces in the lineup and a surprise win in LA. Now the gamble comes, does Hans Backe risk adding Rafa Marquez back to the starting lineup?
11 (6) 3-4-3 12 pts. Losing two players in one game is tough enough but to lose them within two minutes of one another in the first half is a death sentence.
12 (5) 3-5-1 10 pts. The turnaround was quick but the trip back down was even quicker.
Bottom Tier (could be a long year for these teams)
13 (13) 2-5-1 7 pts. I wanted to move them down, and I probably should but I saw some true grit out of the Union against the Sounders that I just like better than any club below them here.
14 (17) 3-5-2 11 pts. Hottest team in the Eastern Conference. I kid you not with that statement.
15 (14) 3-6-0 9 pts. They got a goal at home but no win to show for once again.
16 (18) 3-6-0 9 pts. They win one at home then drop one on the road. Some cause for celebration I suppose with that. This team needs to find consistency if they want to compete for a playoff spot though.
17 (15) 2-5-2 8 pts. A 0-0 shutout is usually an okay thing and with the way the Timbers have been this season, they’ll take any shutout they can get.
18 (16) 2-4-2 8 pts. Tough to judge this team realy. Defensively they’re not terrible and will be better when Chad Marshall is good to go full time (too a head shot in practice apparently). Just no bite to that attack.
19 (19) 0-8-0 0 pts. Historically bad now. Yeah.