2012 MLS, Week 8: Power Rankings

2012 MLS, Week 8: Power Rankings

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On May 1, 2012
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Another week is in the books for Major League Soccer. Week 9 kicks off tomorrow so it is time to get the rankings out of the way.

A decent amount of movement this week for me. The top three remain the same while the second tier continues to get interesting. The third tier continues to shrink though as another club dropped to the bottom group, which is also growing like weeds.

Team Rank (Last) Record (W-L-T) Comments
Top Tier (teams seen to be head and shoulders above the rest)
1 (1) 7-1-0 21 pts. No games, no need to move them.
2 (2) 6-1-1 19 pts. Good to see someone other than Chris Wondolowski step up and score. I do worry about their defensive injury issues but for now, this club continues to impress. Big week ahead though with matches against DC and Vancouver.
3 (3) 4-1-1 13 pts. Not the prettiest of wins but three points nonetheless. Always good to get three points away from home though.
Second Tier (teams expected to reach the post season but not quite on the level of the top teams)
4 (4) 6-3-1 19 pts. Probably deserved more points in Frisco in the midweek but they found a way to get back into the positive side of the standings on Saturday thanks to some late game heroics. Good teams know how to win ugly, and they certainly proved that.
5 (5) 3-3-1 10 pts. The missed PK by Robbie Keane worries me but there were plenty of times that LA look absolutely dangerous against Dallas. Give it times folks, this team will soon dominate like they should.
6 (8) 4-2-3 15 pts. Maicon Santos continues to be the best pickup Ben Olsen made in the offseason with two more goals. But the loss of Emiliano Dudar will hurt that defense in a big way.
7 (6) 3-3-1 10 pts. Two draws in one week isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. They came so close to a rare win in LA though as Jair Benitez became the goat in that one for them.
8 (9) 4-2-2 14 pts. Need something impressive to hang your hats on Whitecaps fans? This club has six shutouts on the season. Not bad at all.
9 (7) 2-2-2 8 pts. Just one more game until this long road trip is finished. Honestly, I’d say most Houston fans will take this record on this trip too.
Third Tier (middle of the road in the league, teams could go either go in the playoffs or miss it entirely)
10 (12) 4-4-0 12 pts. Conor Casey is back. While the 4-0 win was impressive I think seeing Casey return is all Rapids fans really cared about.
11 (11) 4-3-1 13 pts. Another big injury, this time to Thierry Henry. It could very well be a long few weeks without him up top too.
12 (10) 2-2-2 8 pts. The Fire may have deserved better but their offense failed to capitalize on any openings that the Sounders gave them.
Bottom Tier (could be a long year for these teams)
13 (13) 2-4-1 7 pts. Their attack just lacks a certain bite to it this year. Simple as that.
14 (15) 3-5-0 9 pts. They get hammered in Colorado and move up? Yeah, that is just how big of a mess this bottom tier is at the moment. No one really deserves to be any higher than 13 at the moment.
15 (14) 2-5-1 7 pts. Nothing going right at the moment for this group.
16 (16) 2-4-1 7 pts. Not moving the Crew this week due to just the bad luck they had against Vancouver. Where on earth was the foul on Josh Williams? That should have been a goal and it should have been a tied game.
17 (18) 2-5-1 7 pts. First clean sheet of the year has to stand for something but games won’t get any easier here with Sporting Kansas City up next.
18 (17) 2-5-0 6 pts. They had to be better against New York and failed to deliver.
19 (19) 0-7-0 0 pts. Soccer is a cruel sports and their 3-2 loss at RSL is the definition of cruel.
  • Fansofussoccer

    RSL 4th?…. Just don’t see it.

    • Da91crex

      Up or down in your opinion? ¬†They’ve played 4 more than SEA, have only 6 points more. ¬†They’ve played 2 more than SJE w/ same amount of points….Lastly, they’ve played 2 more than SKC and have less points…..No one below them has a higher PPG than they do….it sounds right to me…