This Week’s Retroactive Suspension Winner Is…

This Week’s Retroactive Suspension Winner Is…

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 25, 2012
  • Blas Perez, Features

Blas Perez will sit out tonight's game due to suspension. (Getty Images)

FC Dallas forward Blas Perez.

Yes, this news came down yesterday afternoon and honestly many here in Dallas were stunned by the news.  Perez was given a one game suspension for  an elbow on Whitecaps defender Jordan Harvey in the first half of Saturday’s game with Vancouver.

Harvey was not injured on the play and even played the full 90 minutes on Saturday, leaving the question out there as to was this a good call? We’ve seen others this season that were pretty iffy and this one goes right there with it.

While I don’t have a ton of issues with suspending a guy for a questionable elbow (others here in town will disagree, and rightfully so), I do have issues with the timing of this suspension and many of the other retroactive suspensions this season.

The suspension of Perez came down about 24 hours before FC Dallas kicks off Week 8 with Real Salt Lake. FCD had already gone through training for the day and was pretty much prepared to go for tonight’s contest with Salt Lake when they found out the news about Perez.

To me it is simple, if the Discipline Committee is going to suspend a guy for a game on a Wednesday, they need to hand it down on Monday afternoon. Simple as that. It gives all parties involved at least one full day to get ready for it. It is just a fair and simple thing to do.

So who will Dallas turn to this evening up top? Ruben Luna? Scott Sealy? Your guess is as good as mine.

  • I think that the foul on Harvey was a cheap shot and worthy of a suspension.  However, that was not the first time that Perez had used his elbow and hands during the game.  After the game Martin Bonjour had scratches on his cheek from when Perez used his fingernails on him and right below my seat I saw Perez come on the blindside of Y.P. Lee and smash his forearm into Y.P.’s face.  Shortly after that Perez jumped for a header and tried to put his elbow through Gershon Koffie’s head.  Last year Gershon did much the same thing in the New England at Vancouver game and got a straight red card for the foul.  If anything Perez got off very, very lightly; he is such an incredibly dirty player.