Punishment On The Way For Marquez

Punishment On The Way For Marquez

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 17, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Season, 2012 Week 6, Features, Rafa Marquez, Shea Salines

I’ve started a new game each week. Which MLS player that didn’t get carded or sent off in the previous match will be suspended in the following week?

This week’s game turns to New York Red Bulls midfielder Rafa Marquez.

Salinas, who started San Jose’s first six matches, suffered a broken left collarbone after Marquez rode him to the ground in the 42nd minute. The Red Bulls DP delivered a kick for good measure as they two players tumbled.

Seeing how the league is handing down suspension left and right after games are over, this one will certainly fall into that count. The question begs to be asked, just how many games will Marquez get for his actions here? Three games? Four? Six to eight?

In addition to the foul play by Marquez was the actions of referee Ricardo Salazar, who let play continue and didn’t whistle for a penalty kick. That kind of crap has to change.

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  • Apr 19 2012
I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. You have a new regular reader. I could not agree more with this statement: "That kind of crap has to change." The head ref in an EPL game recently called Chelsea's manager to apologize for a missed offside call that resulted in a goal for the opponent. There is real accountability there and real honor among refs. Something that would be nice to see fostered by MLS.