Dominic Oduro Is Fast, Really Fast

Dominic Oduro Is Fast, Really Fast

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On April 16, 2012
  • Dominic Oduro

Somehow I missed this on Friday when I was home, not doing work and being a lazy bum.

Chicago Fire front office dudes Brendan Hannan and Jeff Crandall dared Chicago Fire forward Dominic Oduro to a race. Oduro bet his entire pay check on beating Hannan and Crandall, and as expected the self-proclaimed fastest man in the league wins.

This got me thinking yet again. I want to see a MLS skills challenge at the All Star game this year with Oduro, FC Dallas striker Fabian Castillo and Colorado defender Marvell Wynne in a 100 yard dash. Really prove who is the fastest in the league.

I’m looking at you Dallas, Chicago and Colorado front offices…make this happen.

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  • Apr 17 2012
Don't forget to include Sainey/Sanna Nyassi, Kevin Alston, and Jamison Olave in that race. Those guys are scary-fast, too. Olave especially, he'll surprise you.