2012 MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

2012 MLS Power Rankings: Week 2

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 20, 2012
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We’re getting back into the normal swing of things here. It is Tuesday so that means Power Rankings.

The rankings are still working out some kinks like most of the teams here here. Just like I mentioned last week, I’m sticking with the tier system for this season. I fell it breaks up the rankings better than just listing them 1-19 like I used to. One team moved up into another tier this week but just about everyone else remained where they were a week ago.

Team Rank (Last) Record (W-L-T) Comments
Top Tier (teams seen to be head and shoulders above the rest)
1 (1) 2-0-0 6 pts. Solid all over the park, Jason Kreis’ boys are already off to a strong start this season. Love seeing Luis Gil score here, he’s a guy you have to keep an eye on this season. Ton of potential.
2 (2) 1-1-0 3 pts. Got back to their old ways this weekend. Robbie Keane should have easily had three or four goals but a two goal effort was more than enough against a DC squad that was totally out matched.
3 (3) 1-0-0 3 pts. Welcome to the cult of David Estrada. The third-year striker is really coming into his own this season.
Second Tier (teams expected to reach the post season but not quite on the level of the top teams)
4 (4) 2-0-0 6 pts. A good win over a 10-man Rev squad. I do want to see how they do against a better team this week when Dallas comes to town. Can’t read a ton into the wins over DC and New England just yet.
5 (5) 1-0-1 4 pts. Depth was brought into question but for the most part this team is very solid. Take out a mis-kick by Kevin Hartman and it probably would have been another win. The first road game will provide more answers on this side though.
6 (6) 2-0-0 6 pts. Another road win here. Very promising stuff to say the least but just like KC, I want to see them against a better side. Not a ton we can get off of the Chivas and SJ wins yet.
7 (7) 2-0-0 6 pts. Bumping the Rapids into the second tier. Solid win on the road while being down a man for most of the second half. Oscar Pareja is getting it done, even if it isn’t pretty.
Third Tier (middle of the road in the league, teams could go either go in the playoffs or miss it entirely)
8 (8) 2-0-0 6 pts. Getting closer to that second tier themselves. Martin Rennie’s club got their first road win in MLS play. Still, just like other clubs at 2-0-0, can’t read a ton into the wins yet as they came against weaker sides.
9 (9) 1-0-1 4 pts. Darlington Nagbe looked dangerous in the second half and scored the Timbes’ lone goal in the process. Would love to see more of him on the field for John Spencer.
10 (11) 0-0-1 1 pts. Nice to see Dominic Oduro remind us that his 12-goal season in 2011 wasn’t a fluke.
11 (10) 0-1-0 0 pts. Leaving four main guys on the bench to start a road game was never going to spell good things for Aron Winter in Seattle. Still they get some credit for their CCL success in LA.
12 (12) 0-2-0 0 pts. Felt they should have earned a draw against Colorado. They’ve played better than their record suggests in my mind but some issues seem to be brewing in the locker room with Danny Califf’s injury.
13 (13) 1-1-0 3 pts. Way too conservative from Frank Yallop against Houston. Still not overly impressed with this club but at least they have three points to hang their hats on so far.
14 (14) 0-2-0 0 pts. That warm smell you’re getting is Hans Backe’s seat. I know they’ve been without Rafa Marquez and Luke Rodgers but still. A loss this weekend at home will be more crushing though to the faithful.
15 (15) 0-1-0 0 pts. No league game but two scrimmages against college teams filled the void for Robert Warzycha’s side this weekend.
16 (16) 0-1-0 0 pts. Ben Olsen goes to LA and leaves his two DPs on the bench to start out. Guess he knew that one was a lost cause.
Bottom Tier (could be a long year for these teams)
17 (17) 0-2-0 0 pts. Never expected them to do well in Kansas City to begin with but losing a man early in the match made it nearly impossible to expect any offense from this bunch.
18 (19) 0-1-1 1 pts. Nice moment for the club. Large crowd, first club goal. It was all very nice. Had Josh Gardner’s shot been a tad lower we’d be talking about a very special game for Montreal.
19 (18) 0-2-0 0 pts. Not sure what was worse from this club, the play on the field or the attendance at the Home Depot Center. Both were embarrasing.