Revs President Still Hoping To Find A New Stadium Location

Revs President Still Hoping To Find A New Stadium Location

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 14, 2012
  • Brian Bilello

I think one word may describe most New England Revolution fans these days, frustrated.

That tone probably comes from the top down as leaders of the club probably feel the same way. In a recent interview with MLS Reserves (how good is that site by the way?), Revs president Brian Bilello gave a deep sigh before talking about the Revs hopes and plans for a new soccer stadium.

“No, we’ve been working. I’m hoping in the next 60 days we might be able to talk about that. We feel good about the direction its heading, but we’ve said from the beginning: even if it takes long and costs more money, placing the stadium in the right, urban core is more important than getting it done.”

“You know what, on that, I think it’s absolutely fair. Fans are tired of hearing things like that and to be honest that’s fair. They just want to see results, you know? They want to see here in New England, the things they saw in Portland the other night. And it is hard. You know, it’s hard for me that I can’t give that to them. I get it. I understand why the fans are frustrated. Believe me, I try to be as open as I can with the fans, you know, I’m on twitter, I will talk to them, I will meet with them.”

“I’ll never lie to them, I always say that. I may not be able to tell them things, but I’ll never lie to them. We’re not ever going to ‘string fans along’ with a stadium or anything. It’s just been a slow and difficult process here. We’ve spent a lot of money and we probably could have done something in a much less desirable location in the suburbs that might grow our attendance by 20-30% but we’d really like to do something in the city that will change the dynamic of soccer here.”

Yeah, Bilello seems frustrated to me too on this subject as I’m sure this isn’t the first time he’s been this open and honest on the subject.

Stadiums as we know just take time to get going, especially in large metropolitan areas. Let us not forget how long it took New York to get their own venue for the Red Bulls. Remember the old “60-90 days” quote? Same goes for the San Jose Earthquakes who just got over the final hurdle for their own stadium quest. I won’t even go into D.C. United as that is another sore subject for fans across the league.

I’m sure Revs fans feel this all too much at the moment.

To me it has always been a matter of when and not if for the Revs in regards to their stadium hopes. I always believe patiences breeds good things to those who wait. It is really just a matter of time and hopefully that frustrated feeling goes away.

  • DC United Supporter

    I feel your pain, Revs supporters.