MLS Fantasy Recap: Week 1

MLS Fantasy Recap: Week 1

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 13, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Season, 2012 Week 1, Features, MLS Fantasy Manager

In an effort to stay up with my fantasy MLS squad this season, I plan on posting my results from the previous week on here. My team (WVH AC) did pretty well in the opening week. I’m no fantasy guru so don’t expect these posts to be anything about who you should start each week. It will mostly be about my many fails and few triumphs.

My two big gambles in the midfield didn’t pay off (Dwayne De Rosario and Brad Davis) but grabbing Kosuke Kimura from Colorado was massive for my defense and my team overall.

And my bench:

So yeah, a decent week with 54 points overall. Good for 4th in the SBnation soccer bloggers league. I won’t mention where I’m at in the other leagues that I am in. But my team was above the average 32 points for the round so there is something to build on there.

For next week I’m subbing out Mwanga and transferring in Kenny Cooper. I end up saving a half of a million in the salary cap and if Cooper can do what he did against Dallas to RSL I may be in business. Depending on how the week goes for some of the clubs I may consider adding Berry to my defense. Just have to wait and see.

Did any of you do a fantasy team this year? If so, how did it go for you in week one? Let’s hear it below.

  • J. Daniel Rollins

    Only in Fantasy MLS are these guys being told their worth millions. Sad really. 

    • Better than explaining that their worth only 9 dollars instead of 9 million. haha

  • Zack Kaiser

    Kimura was huge for you. I wish I had that point total from my defenders. 

    I gambled with Dilly Duka but his injury killed me this week. 

    I two big pick ups were Salihi and Perez and I hope that those two guys carry the load of points for me. Perez did well this week but not Salihi

    • I went back and forth on those two guys (Salihi and Perez) for week one, wish I had stuck with Perez. Live and learn I suppose. The big challenge is the transfers from here out, it seems you only get one freebie each week, after that you get points deducted from your week’s total for each transfer you make. Big gambles unless you can get a guy to do some serious damage. 

  • Mae

    You won’t have a goalkeeper for week 2 due to Hamid being called up to the US Olympic qualifying squad.

    See for other players that are out. 

    • Yup, already taking a -4 points to transfer in another keeper. 

  • liverbuddy

    I entered the ESPN FC Manager USA and scored 65 points in week 1, currently ranked 468th place.