MLS Attempting To Find “Perfect Site” For New York Expansion Club

MLS Attempting To Find “Perfect Site” For New York Expansion Club

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On March 9, 2012
  • 2012 MLS Season, Don Garber, MLS Expansion, New York Expansion

I had every intention of posting this last night but had other things come up. Anyways, yesterday MLS commissioner Don Garber gave his media call and during the Q&A he threw out a big nugget on the New York expansion situation.

Garber stated that the league has taken the lead on getting a stadium plan together for a potential expansion team in the Big Apple, a first done so by the league. So far the league has looked at 19 different stadium locations.

“We want to ensure that when this project is complete that we have the perfect site for a stadium,” Garber said. “We’ll take the time — as long as it takes — to ensure we have the right site. That’s how important the second New York team-project is.”

“When the stadium’s done, there’ll be no shortage of owners who will line up and want to pay $100 million for our 20th team in New York,” Garber said. “We are working closely with the Mayor’s office, and they have been a great resource for us in helping to steer us to sites that they think can be developed and work in areas where they think there will be great community support and a great opportunity to achieve success. We still have work to do to finalize even a timeframe for the 20th team in New York, but we continue to be optimistic.”

As you saw earlier in my “bold season predictions” I claim that something does get done this year with a New York expansion team. I’m optimistic that it will happen and we’ll put to bed this whole race for the 20th club*.

(* saying this I do also think that the league isn’t nearly done expanding…Orlando is definitely in the mix and so will about a half other dozen cities once the league gets to 20…soon enough it will be the race for the 24th club)

(** and a second side note…I also really hope that the league gets a little more serious in helping both New England and DC out in their stadium quests as well. There were questions yesterday about each team and their stadium. In a way that really should be a higher priority for the league. Also, I’d throw Chivas USA into that mix as they’ll be hunting for a stadium location soon enough)

  • Interested in your thoughts about his comment that “when the stadium’s done there’ll be no shortage of owners who want to line up and pay $100 million” Who do you think he is intending on paying for the stadium? ¬†He makes it sound like either the public or the league would pay, and then fails to say that a potential owner would pay for the stadium rather just the franchise fee?

    His statements on NY2 get more and more bizarre each time he speaks on the topic, do you think he just mis-spoke or is there more to this than meets the eye?

    • I think he misspoke a bit on that to be honest. Gotta think whoever is the owner of this club will have to pay for the stadium. I think they’re just doing what they can to get a stadium location in place for someone. But it wouldn’t be shocking to see them pony up some cash for the stadium itself either.

      You’re totally right, this situation continues to get more bizarre as we go on. At least for someone like me it makes for a good discussion on my site. ūüôā

  • First, I do not think MLS needs to expand past 20 teams. The best leagues in the world have 20 teams (the German and Dutch leagues have 18). If we are going to expand past 20 teams then the MLS should start considering a regulation league. Maybe start with a league of 6 – 10 teams that they can start using for an expansion league. Bring some of the teams from the USL to build it up then expand as needed.Second, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, I will FOREVER LOSE RESPECT for MLS and NO LONGER SUPPORT THE LEAGUE if DC loses a team because they cannot find a new home for DC United! It WAS and HAS BEEN the Premier Club for the first decade of MLS and to lose the History and Support we have would be¬†horrendous! If Garber focuses so much on the next NY team that he loses a DC team that has the most championships in MLS and is coming back, he has misplaced his priorities! Focus on DC and NE FIRST then help NY get a second team!!!

  • JR

    this push for a second NY team continues to baffle me. ¬†they don’t even have an actual team yet. ¬†meanwhile, Orlando, Rochester, Charleston and Richmond already have teams and stadiums (albiet smaller ones) and they’d love to join now. ¬†not to mention DC needs a stadium (why don’t they just tear down RFK and rebuild it on the same lot?), NE needs a stadium (they really can’t put a stadium on or near the Gillette property?), and Chivas needs a stadium of their own (also might want to look into relocating and possibly¬†re-branding¬†… San Diego Sockers maybe?).