New FC Dallas Striker Blas Perez Wants To Be Mayor

New FC Dallas Striker Blas Perez Wants To Be Mayor

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 23, 2012
  • Blas Perez

Blas Perez, future mayor of FC Dallas Stadium. (Photo via FC Dallas communications)

No, you read the headline correctly. FC Dallas newcomer Blas Perez is in heavy pursuit to become the mayor…of FC Dallas Stadium.

Yes, the guy is addicted to Foursquare, the social media service that allows users to check-in at places. Perez is hoping to be the mayor of FC Dallas Stadium and his hotel where he is staying in Frisco.

It’s a social network, I check in all the time here[at FC Dallas Stadium]. I want the fans to know where I’m at so it posts to Facebook and Twitter. I’m always checking in from the hotel to here and back to the hotel. Yes, I’ll be the mayor here and at Comfort Suites[where he’s staying] and at my home in Panama.

I use Foursquare and Gowalla (RIP) from time to time. I never quite got into the whole mayorship thing on Foursquare but I have to admit, this is kind of a funny story seeing a new guy to the US like Perez being all about social media.

Dallas fans are more interested in whether or not Perez can be the mayor on the field and score goals for FCD this season. Something I think he’ll do a pretty good job at after seeing him some this preseason.

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