Chivas USA Looking To Leave Home Depot Center?

Chivas USA Looking To Leave Home Depot Center?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 16, 2012

The Galaxy have played many games at the LA Coliseum, could Chivas be calling it home after the 2012 season? (Getty Images)

We’ve been saying for years now that Chivas USA is lacking in the identity department. Well, this news may help get them some for a change.

According to Mexican media site, Chivas USA is exploring the idea of leaving the Home Depot Center after the 2012 season.

“A very important project for Chivas USA, which is already recognized, is that we have to move from the Home Depot, is a great stadium, a place that has been great, but Chivas USA needs its own home.”

One option according to the article is the LA Coliseum. Yikes, a big stadium for a so-so supported team sounds like a bad plan to me but if it means they can get the shovels in the ground on their own digs and wait it out at the Coliseum for a season or two then I could be down with it.

I have to say this is a very interesting development to say the least for Chivas USA and their fans. Getting out of the shadow of the LA Galaxy is a big step in the right direction though. I’d love to see this team be able to gain some traction in the LA market.

  • PZ

    Don’t forget.  The Coliseum is in a part of town which is very accessible for the demographic to make it to games.  Heck, many will be able to walk from home.  Knock prices down super low for GA seats and attendance might be decent….well, decent by Chivas standards. 😉