Season Commercials Are Out, SKC Steps Up

Season Commercials Are Out, SKC Steps Up

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On February 13, 2012
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Clubs around the league are starting to release their season commercials. Sporting Kansas City has a pretty cool ad that showcases their new stadium along with some highlights of last season.

  • We’re not in Kansas anymore


  • BYOB

    One question, where is their sponsor? Colorado, Columbus, Dallas, KC. If you have a SSS or at least your own stadium, why cant you have a sponsor. The U.S. big sponsors supports the NFL NBA MLB and NHL but not a young cheap league like MLS with a very low salary cap and small stadiums. It should be a no brainer for them, and if big money groups buy foreign soccer clubs or invest in them, in that instance MLS should BE a very rich league and powerful. Where is FORD, Gatorade, Facebook, Apple, Mcdonalds. Its embarrassing for MLS to see money heads go over seas help and  buy debt soccer clubs when in the MLS, they can create their own Liverpool or ManU. Imagine a SSS in Boston, NYC, Miami, Orlando, ATL, Baltimore.

  • Even Orlando and other USL teams have front of jersey sponsors. KC doesn’t even have a stadium sponsor. They are paying Armstrong!

  • SKC= Thug Life

    Nice that they included the SKC guy taunting the Rapids Kimura after he broke his foot. Kimura is just now getting to 100% after it. Think SKC has taken the claim to Thug life after that playoff game.

    • David H

      He isn’t taunting him after his broken foot. That shot is at LSP.  Kimura’s injury happened in Colorado. But really, continue to keep reaching and making stuff up.
      Seth is by no means a dirty player at all. Probably one of the least likely guys on SKC’s roster to intentionally injure anyone. Not that anyone really is. Even Roger Espinoza is a player with a really high aggression that sometimes makes poor decisions on the tackle.