Renken Lands With Portland, Somehow Off Waivers

Renken Lands With Portland, Somehow Off Waivers

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 31, 2012
  • Charles Renken, Features

Charles Renken is now a Timbers. (John Dorton/ISI)

It has been one of those days. First the Sebastien Le Toux trade now these two stories.

First up is former US youth phenom Charles Renken has been signed by the Portland Timbers. The Timbers got the youth star off of waivers somehow. Yes waivers. So far me and probably a half dozen other writers have been asking the how’s and why’s on Twitter but so far we got nothing as to how this was done.

My best guess – and stay with me here as it is a guess – is that someone had a claim to Renken and then waived that claim. Portland noticed said club had waived him and they decided to sign him. Seems simple and complex enough to work with how MLS operates. 

EDIT: According to Ives, all 18 other clubs passed on Renken, thus killing the need for a lottery or allocation draft for him. The whole waiver part is still confusing but that is where it stands. Eighteen clubs passed on Renken, one didn’t. Could be a clever gamble on the Timbers part.

Typically an American player coming to MLS for the first time does not come off waivers but through a lottery or allocation system. Renken really should have gone to a lottery like Lee Nguyen did a couple months ago.

Renken, 18, has been a member of U.S. youth national teams since 2005 and most recently participated in a camp with the U.S. U-23 National Team in Germany last fall. At the club level, he played for the U-19 team of German Bundesliga club TSG 1899 Hoffenheim during the 2010-11 season.

Hoffenheim apparently dropped him from their roster back in the fall without any fanfare.

Again, the kid should have not been coming in off waivers.

But I digress.

I like the move for Portland, if and only if, Renken is healthy again. The kid is coming off some injuries that has sort of derailed his rise to stardom. He’s had a fairly rough life as well and I really encourage you to read this bio from 2008 on him.

Still my wonder is how on earth did the Timbers make this happen. You normally see these sorts of bends to the rules for the Red Bulls and Galaxy.

  • Whats also suspect is that this happens after Portland signed a homegrown player, which is rather hard since they haven’t been a MLS team long enough to claim homegrowns. I realize there is a rational reason (he played with the USL Portland PDL team or something). But when exceptions start outnumbering the rules, you have to wonder.

    • SEM379

      If you realize there is is a rational reason, then why even bring it up except to be a dick?   Yes it seemed sketchy at first when there were no specifics given, much like this deal.  But in both cases the Timbers and MLS followed the rules as they are set out.  If you want to bash MLS rules and Timbers deals, let’s talk about why they had to give up a 1st round pick to sign a “discovery” player who is a household name in Europe.