A Quick Glance At The Whitecaps Attack

A Quick Glance At The Whitecaps Attack

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 31, 2012
  • Camilo, Darren Mattocks, Eric Hassli, Features, Omar Salgado, Sebastien Le Toux, Trades

Martin Rennie looks to have built an offensive juggernaut. (Photo via Vancouver Whitecaps)

With the news of Sebastien Le Toux joining the Vancouver Whitecaps on a trade today. It has to, no, it must be pointed out exactly how stacked these Whitecaps are on offense.

Just look at these names currently on the roster (and in camp):

  • Camilo
  • Eric Hassli
  • Atiba Harris
  • Omar Salgado
  • Darren Mattocks
  • Davide Chiumiento
  • Lee Nguyen
  • Long Tan
  • Sebastien Le Toux
  • Etienne Barbara (not currently signed)

Holy smokes. Is Martin Rennie going to play six players up top in 2012?

A couple of those guys are more midfielders than strikers but they are worth pointing out here. And if the club signs Barbara – the NASL leading scorer from 2012 – that will put their striker force numbers close to double digits.

You have to think someone will be on the move today here. Either going to Philadelphia in the Le Toux deal or somewhere else to a team that needs a striker (hello Houston?).

Today is already shaping up to be a fun one huh folks?


  • Jan 31 2012
It's not as much of a log jam as it first appears assuming Rennie is running a traditional 4-4-2. Harris is a natural winger and Chiumiento plays as a CAM (although he needs a good CDM behind him). I think both Mattocks and Nguyen could play as attack minded wingers if needed (see also Zakuani's conversion to the wing in MLS). So, he can run with Hasslie and LeToux as your first choice up top. Salgado and Camilo are you 2nd choice with Long Tan in reserve (he's not really starting material anyway).
    Drew Epperley
    • Jan 31 2012
    I'm sure the man has a good plan for all of these attackers. No doubt. But I do feel like there is an odd man out in this group (either Mattocks or Salgado). And you do bring up a good point about Mattocks playing the wing, I have a good feeling he could be put out there just like Zakuani. 
      • Feb 7 2012
      You would keep Long Tan above a Salgado or a Mattocks?  I would say that Long Tan is at the very bottom of the pecking order for forwards right now.  He had about the same number of minutes as Salgado and both scored 1 goal last year but Salgado has huge potential and I just don't see Long Tan matching that potential.
        Drew Epperley
        • Feb 7 2012
        It's pretty simple, Salgado and Mattocks have a much higher trade value than Tan. Of course Tan is at the bottom of the pecking order, that one you have right. But if any of them are set to go, it would be Salgado or Mattocks.