The Great All Star Debate

The Great All Star Debate

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 24, 2012
  • 2012 MLS All-Star Game, 2012 MLS Season, Features

Who should MLS face off against this summer in the All-Star Game? (Getty Images)

Today we learned that Philadelphia and PPL Park would be home to this year’s summer friendly for Major League Soccer known as the All Star Game.

But what we don’t know is who the MLS All Stars will be facing off against come July.

Just like in every year before this one, there has always been a debate or a wish of some sorts from fans and media type as to who the league should get. For the last two seasons it was Manchester United – a huge draw for the most part – but the results on the field were rather embarrassing for the league.

A new year means a new chance at doing things differently and one thing is pretty clear, MLS will not be hosting Manchester United again. Don Garber hasn’t said as much but it is pretty clear that the league won’t go down that rabbit hole again for at least the foreseeable future.

So who does MLS bring in this time around? Before it’s been mostly EPL sides or a Mexican team.

Rumors are already circulating that it could be Liverpool or AS Roma from Italy. Two choices I wouldn’t be opposed to.

Others are out there wishing for Manchester City, Arsenal, AC Milan, Inter Milan or a Bayern Munich. Again, all solid ideas.

Then there are those who want another team from south of the border, or even a all-Mexican All Star team. While I am not against the idea entirely I do think that needs a little more clarification.

Simon Borg says it should be about rivalry between the US and Mexico but I don’t think that part is well thought out. I get the rivalry idea but for a summer friendly it makes less sense. Little is actually on the line but mere bragging rights and who’s really going to brag about winning a friendly like this in Mexico? Hell, who is going to brag about a friendly like this in the US? I know I’m not.

But I digress.

To me the All Star game opponent is as much about the draw of the team as it is the game itself. Since we know the league has seemingly forever gone away from the true East v. West format that most All Star games are in America, we have to get a team that works out well for TV and the league (and probably a few other things).

Personally, I’d like to see something new or fresh in this game. I think the last few years the All Star Game has lost a little of it’s luster, not because the league has lost some games, but due to the fact that it’s been played against an English side. Now I wouldn’t mind a Liverpool or Arsenal this time around but I’d really like to see an Italian or German side come into this game for a change. Just something to spice it up.

So who do you want to see brought into this game? Want another EPL side? Or do you like Borg’s Mexican All Star team idea? Let’s hear it.

  • Anonymous

    Bring in an International side
    Brazil and Argentina are here for the summer anyway. 

  • Chester

    Bleh. Just get rid of the whole thing. Although the Mexican All-Star team idea does sound pretty cool.

  • patrick starr

    Im both a hockey and soccer fan. 

    In the NHL they have a All Star Draft. Basically 2 captains are chosen and they have a draft to pick which All Stars (voted by fans) on whos team.  It makes it interesting. And the draft itself can be entertaining.