WVH 2012 MLS Draft – Final Mock Edition

WVH 2012 MLS Draft – Final Mock Edition

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 11, 2012
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Oh SuperDraft Eve. You have to love the excitement surrounding a draft.

So many things can happen though between now and tomorrow afternoon. Teams will be wheeling and dealing all night in hopes of either moving up in the draft, finding some decent talent outside the draft in a trade, or just hoping that the one special player you’ve had your eye on since December is still available.

It’s fun.

Today I present to you all my final mock draft of the year. As I stated in my previous mock draft, I wanted to wait until after the Combine was up to put up another mock draft. There was a ton of change from my last mock draft as several other Generation adidas players signed and seeing some players shine more than others at the Combine. More than likely I’ll be wrong on 90% of this but I was still going on what I felt each team needed at their position in the draft.

As you’ll see one of the GAs fell really low, I kind of have a feeling one or even two could drop to the second round this year. It’s happened in the past so don’t get too shocked if it happens again this year.

So here you go folks, discuss away.

2012 MLS Mock Draft – Version 3.0 (*- Generation adidas player)

Team Pick Player Comments
1 Darren Mattocks, F, Akron* I still see no way the Impact pass on Mattocks. Speedy goalscorers are tough to come by in any league and for an expansion team they are even harder to get.
2 Andrew Wenger, D/M, Duke* No change here as Wenger falls to the Whitecaps and new manager Martin Rennie. Pretty sure everyone in the world has him going to the Whitecaps.
3 Chandler Hoffman, F, UCLA* Hoffman certainly made his mark on the Combine this past week. We know the Revs have been dying for a big time goal scorer these last couple of seasons and Hoffman may be the answer to their prayers.
4 Kelyn Rowe, M, UCLA* My gut is starting to tell me this pick could get traded. Lots of folks want this spot and Toronto does have the No. 12 to fall back on and still get a quality player. Should they stay here, I think grabbing Rowe makes a tons of sense for Aron Winter.
5 Luis Silva, M, UCSB Chivas is still a club with so many needs that this pick could go a couple different ways. Silva should be a top ten pick in this draft and I think Chivas would be wise to take this attacking midfielder.
6 Nick DeLeon, M, Louisville Keeping one of the better pure talents in the top ten. DeLeon had a good enough Combine that should keep him in the top 10. He’s one of the better attacking midfielders in this draft and San Jose has a need in that area.
7 Casey Townsend, F, Maryland Townsend clearly had one of the better Combines. I think he’d compete for a starting role with DC and be someone that can help Dwayne De Rosario out in a big way.
8 Matt Hedges, D, UNC No change in this pick for me. They have a need in their defense to fill and taking the best defender available at this point in the draft is what they should do.
9 Tyler Polak, D, Creighton* With some of the better strikers off the board, the Fire go defensive and get a future prospect in Polak. He’s a member of the Fire PDL side, so he is one of them already.
10 Ethan Finlay, F/M, Creighton With Robbie Rogers out the door to Leeds United, this pick fills a need to help make up for that loss. Finlay can play up top or on the wing like he did at the Combine.
11 Austin Berry, D, Louisville I’ve gone back and forth on this one but Schellas Hyndman has said defense is a priority with the club’s only pick. They could snatch a GA at this spot but getting someone with a little more experience like Berry is where Hyndman will likely lean to.
12 Andrew Jean-Baptiste, D, UCONN* A tough pick to figure out. Should they keep both picks, this one will likely be the defensive selection. Jean-Paptiste gives Winter someone to develop and someone that should fit into his system nicely over time.
13 Chris Estridge, D, Louisville Going defensive still makes the most sense with this pick but I’m sure with three GAs on the board, Peter Nowak will have a hard time passing one of them up. He didn’t have a great Combine but his ability to play on either flank has to be attractive to Nowak.
14 Sam Garza, M, UCSB* When the Rapids got Hunter Freeman in the Re-Entry Draft last month it allowed this pick to open up a hair. When Garza slipping down a bit, the Rapids will love picking up a future prospect and add some depth to their wings.
15 Dom Dwyer, F, USF* You have to think Sigi Schmid would be beside himself if he can get a quality young striker at no cost like Dwyer. He’d be able to open the field up with his speed and give Seattle that big spark off the bench.
16 Tommy Meyer, D, Indiana I still think there is a solid chance this pick goes offensive but with most of the bigger name strikers and attacking midfielders off the board, Peter Vermes would be wise to sure up his defense a bit. Meyer is a physical back that Vermes will love having.
17 Calum Mallace, M, Marquette Mallace had a very impressive Combine, one that could land him higher than this. He is a solid holding midfielder that would fit perfectly in Jason Kreis’ system. Look for him to be a reliable Kyle Beckerman backup.
18 Enzo Martinez, M, UNC* Last of the GAs to go, I think it could be between him, Dwyer and Garza to slip even further down into the section round but I think the Dynamo would love to get their hands on a young talent to boost their attack. Plus the whole thing about not counting towards the salary cap is huge for them this year.
19 Andy Rose, M, UCLA A vertisle defensive midfielder that can also play center back. Rose could help fill in for Omar Gonzalez and provide some cover in the midfield if needed.