WVH 2012 MLS Mock Draft: 2.0

WVH 2012 MLS Mock Draft: 2.0

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On January 2, 2012
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It is the week of the MLS Combine, which means it is time for one final mock draft before things get real interesting here.

I debated long and hard over the New Year weekend on whether or not to post this before the Combine or wait for the Combine to take place. What I decided to do was just to post this now and then have one final mock draft after the Combine. More than likely this draft board will look entirely different after the Combine.

One thing to keep in mind, is that of UNC’s Generation adidas hopefuls Enzo Martinez and Billy Schuler still have yet to sign with MLS. You could easily see other guys like UCONN’s Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Notre Dame’s Dillon Powers or USF’s Dom Dwyer fill in those spots. If the league does decided to keep the GA list small this year then it should signal a few more international players that take part in the Combine.

For the most part I didn’t have a whole lot of changes in this version from the first. A few players moved around due to recent trades or from me having the time over the last week to sit down and watch more replays of games from this past season on these guys. Most of this version is where I think they’ll fall based on team need and draft position.

Team Pick Player Comments
1 Darren Mattocks, F, Akron* Top player in the draft, and an expansion club that needs an attacking player like nothing else. Montreal still could shock people by trading this pick but I think they’ll stay here with Mattocks.

Other options: Kelyn Rowe (UCLA), Billy Schuler (UNC)

2 Andrew Wenger, D/M, Duke* Simple pick for the Whitecaps here. Wenger projects as a defensive midfielder or even a center back on the pro level. The Whitecaps need defensive help in the worst way and he’ll be a big upgrade in that department.

Other options: Billy Schuler (UNC), Nick DeLeon (Louisville)

3 Billy Schuler, F, UNC* Still an “if” on if he signs with MLS but I still believe he will. There are plenty of clubs actively looking at him in Europe right now and he could land over there. Signing with MLS lands him here in a heart beat if Mattocks goes number one.

Other options: Chandler Hoffman (UCLA), Casey Townsend (Maryland)

4 Kelyn Rowe, M, UCLA* Toronto needs a play maker, and Rowe fits that bill. You could see the Reds go with some defensive help (I think they’ll look elsewhere for that) but adding a play maker in the midfield may be their other big need this winter.

Other options: Nick DeLeon (Louisville), Luis Silva (UCSB)

5 Chandler Hoffman, F, UCLA* One of the hottest strikers late in the season for the Bruins. Hoffman was one of the first Generation adidas players to sign and I think he will land in the top ten here with Chivas.

Other options: Nick DeLeon (Louisville), Enzo Martinez (UNC)

6 Luis Silva, M, UCSB I flipped San Jose and DC around this time. Silva makes just as much sense as DeLeon but the local factor makes me think San Jose could grab a California kid.

Other options: Nick DeLeon (Louisville), Matt Hedges (UNC)

7 Nick DeLeon, M, Louisville United is one of those clubs that could go a number of ways. Part of me thinks they’ll go with a striker but I think adding an attacking midfielder like DeLeon makes sense. It will help free up Dwayne De Rosario to do more.

Other options: Matt Hedges (UNC), Enzo Martinez (UNC)

8 Matt Hedges, D, UNC I still believe Hedges is one of the best defenders in this draft and he’ll land here with Portland.

Other options: Austin Berry (Louisville), Aaron Maund (Notre Dame)

9 Casey Townsend, F, Maryland No change for me here still with the Fire. The Fire need some attacking options to help Dominic Oduro out in 2012.

Other options: Colin Rolfe (Louisville), Enzo Martinez (UNC)

10 Enzo Martinez, M, UNC* I’m still not moving Martinez just yet, maybe the Combine will change my mind on where he’ll land, plus there is still a slight chance that he won’t sign his GA deal too. That would leave the Crew looking elsewhere.

Other options: Chris Rolfe (Louisville), Tony Cascio (UCONN)

11 Sam Garza, M/F, UCSB* Schellas Hyndman loves players who can play in more than one position. With the recent trade of Marvin Chavez, the wing is just as empty as the forward position for him. Garza fits the bill of the versitle type player that Hyndman always looks for.

Other options: Austin Berry (Lousiville), Aaron Maund (Notre Dame)

12 Aaron Maund, D, Notre Dame I still have a gut feeling that this pick will get traded but given the fact that TFC needs depth in the worst possible way for 2012, they should keep it. Going defensive is the best idea here and after watching some tape, I’ve moved Maund up over Berry. I just view him as a better fit here.

Other options: Aaron Maund (Notre Dame), Hunter Jumper (Virginia)

13 Hunter Jumper, D, Virginia Defensive is still the way I see them going and grabbing one of the better fullbacks in this draft should make a ton of sense for the Union. Jumper is regarded as one of the better fullbacks in this draft and this should allow Peter Nowak a little more freedom in how he picks his defense next year.

Other options: Tony Cascio (UCONN), Austin Berry (Lousiville)

14 Tony Cascio, M, UCONN No change here, Cascio fits one of the few needs for the Rapids here. He’s athletic and has a strong ability to get at people.

Other options: Kurk Urso (UNC), Chris Estridge (Indiana)

15 Chris Rolfe, F, Louisville I’ve been tracking Rolfe for a couple years now. He had a down year for the Cards but a strong Combine should help land him somewhere in the bottom part of the first round. Seattle wants to get a young, experienced striker like this to replace Pat Noonan and Nate Jaqua.

Other options: Ethan Finlay (Creighton), Brian Ownby (Virginia)

16 Austin Berry, D, Lousiville I wouldn’t be shocked to see Peter Vermes take a flyer on an attacking player here but I like the idea of them going defensive with the best defender left at this point. Berry is the phyiscal center back that Vermes likes and will be a good addition to a defense that had a lot of issues in 2011.

Other options: Chris Estridge (Indiana), Kirk Urso (UNC)

17 Chris Estridge, D, Indiana We knew some changes would be made this winter in Sandy so grabbing some quality defesinve depth has to be a big item on Jason Kreis’ list. Estridge will fill in nicely for the departed Robbie Russell.

Other options: Kevan George (UCF), Arthur Ivo (SMU)

18 Tom Meyer, D, Indiana The trade for Nathan Sturgis made me have second thoughts on this pick. Adding some defensive depth is still wise though for the Dynamo. Meyer should slide in here if he has a strong enough Combine.

Other options: Ethan Finlay (Creighton), Andy Rose (UCLA)

19 Mykell Bates, D, Santa Clara Full back options are incredible thin in this draft but LA should be able to snag one of the better ones in this draft down at this position.

Other options: Bryan Ownby (Virginia), Arthur Ivo (SMU)