WVH 2012 MLS Mock Draft: 1.0

WVH 2012 MLS Mock Draft: 1.0

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 19, 2011
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The time is here. One of my favorite things to do each year as most of you know is talk about the SuperDraft and even do a couple mock drafts to get ready for it next month. Hard to believe but we are less than a month out of the draft in Kansas City.

This draft will be interesting, that much is already certain with top names like Darren Mattocks and Billy Schuler attacking attention from clubs overseas. Should those big names drop out of this draft, clubs will have to lean on some seniors coming out to step up and be big time picks.

Usually the Generation adidas classes are six-to-eight players, sometimes you get nine or ten but that doesn’t happen often. I’m leaving a few players out of the mock draft because of the potential to have Mattocks and Schuler in this pool. Should they or someone else like Kelyn Rowe bolt, then you could easily add Creighton’s Tyler Polak, UCONN’s Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Virginia’s Brian Span, Notre Dame’s Dillon Powers or USF’s Dom Dwyer. For now I’m leaving those guys out until I get a better sense of if they will be in the mix or not.

This is the first version of my mock draft. I should have at least two, if not, three more to come in the coming weeks leading up to the draft. A lot can and will change in this mock draft over the next couple of weeks so keep that in mind. Most of this version is all about who is projecting to come out and sign with the league and where I think they’ll fall based on team need and draft position.

I’m doing things slightly different this year – a little more dressed up – along with a little more thought behind who else could be available for each club. I hope you enjoy and have fun discussing it.

* – potential Generation adidas target

WVH 2012 MLS Mock Draft – 1.0

Team Pick Player Comments
1 Darren Mattocks, F, Akron* There is still a good chance that Mattocks goes to Europe. Should he sign with MLS however, the top spot will likely go his way as Montreal would love to get their hands on him.Other options: Kelyn Rowe (UCLA), Billy Schuler (UNC)
2 Andrew Wenger, D/M, Duke* Simple pick for the Whitecaps here. Wenger projects as a defensive midfielder or even a center back on the pro level. A lot depends on if Mattocks signs with MLS but I still believe Wenger goes to Vancouver no matter what.Other options: Billy Schuler (UNC), Nick DeLeon (Louisville)
3 Billy Schuler, F, UNC* Just like Mattocks, a lot depends on if Schuler signs with MLS or not. There are plenty of clubs actively looking at him in Europe right now and he could land over there. But if he signs and if Mattocks signs, he will get gobbled up by Jay Heaps and the Revs.Other options: Enzo Martinez (UNC), Casey Townsend (Maryland)
4 Kelyn Rowe, M, UCLA* Toronto needs a play maker, and Rowe fits that bill. Given Paul Mariner’s track record of picks this one could go a different direction for Toronto but if we’re addressing team needs (like we should anwyays), then Rowe is a great pick up for the Reds here.Other options: Nick DeLeon (Louisville), Luis Silva (UCSB)
5 Chandler Hoffman, F, UCLA* One of the hottest strikers late in the season for the Bruins. Hoffman is really projected to go about anywhere in the first round but I could see Chivas taking a gamble on him as they need a replacement for Justin Bruan in a big way for next year.Other options: Nick DeLeon (Louisville), Enzo Martinez (UNC)
6 Nick DeLeon, M, Louisville A technically gifted player that has the chance to move up the boards with other players opting to not play in MLS. Frank Yallop needs a guy in the midfield that can create and set up guys like Chris Wondowloski better. DeLeon can certainly do that and more.Other options: Luis Silva (UCSB), Matt Hedges (UNC)
7 Luis Silva, M, UCSB While United could easily go defensive in this draft, I do think they’ll be adding to their attack with this pick. With the low amount of options on the defensive side, taking a guy like Silva isn’t a massive gamble. He’ll bring plenty of techincal ability and skill to the wing and up top.Other options: Matt Hedges (UNC), Enzo Martinez (UNC)
8 Matt Hedges, D, UNC Portland was hurt by their defense one time too many in their expansion season. Hedges is clearly the best defender in this draft and should be quickly taken here.Other options: Austin Berry (Louisville), Aaron Maund (Notre Dame)
9 Casey Townsend, F, Maryland A fairly straight forward pick for the Fire. They need to boost their attack and adding a quality guy like Townsend makes loads of sense as he should be the next best attacking option left at this point.Other options: Colin Rolfe (Louisville), Enzo Martinez (UNC)
10 Sam Garza, F, UCSB* Columbus needs a few things in this draft but I’ve felt for a while that they either need to snag a playmaker or a striker. Garza will be tough to pass on here as he will be one of the best strikers left at this point.
Other options: Enzo Martinez (UNC), Tony Cascio (UCONN)
11 Enzo Martinez, M, UNC* While the striker position is key for Dallas this off season I don’t see them getting one in this draft. Should Martinez slip this far Schellas Hyndman will be thrilled. He needs depth in the midfield on the wing and in the middle – both of which Martinez can cover if needed.
Other options: Austin Berry (Lousiville), Aaron Maund (Notre Dame)
12 Austin Berry, D, Louisville My gut tells me they’ll deal this pick but should they keep it you got to believe Winter and Mariner will address their defense. Berry brings toughness, skill and plenty of experence that should get him close to a starting role with the Reds.Other options: Aaron Maund (Notre Dame), Tony Cascio (UCONN)
13 Aaron Maund, D, Notre Dame They lacked the depth in the back in 2011 and addressing it this winter has to be a top priority. Maund brings former U-20 national team expereince and will be one of the top fullbacks in this draft.Other options: Tony Cascio (UCONN), Chris Rolfe (Lousiville)
14 Tony Cascio, M, UCONN Colorado is an interesting bunch. I see them going about six different directions with this pick so for now I’m having them take what I believe is the next best available player. Cascio is an expereienced and talented midfielder who can play on the wing or even centrally if needed.Other options: Tom Meyer (Indiana), Chris Estridge (Indiana)
15 Chris Rolfe, F, Louisville I’ve been tracking Rolfe for a couple years now. He had a down year for the Cards but a strong Combine should help land him somewhere in the bottom part of the first round. Seattle wants to get a young, experienced striker like this to replace Pat Noonan and Nate Jaqua.Other options: Ethan Finlay (Creighton), Luke Holmes (Akron)
16 Tom Meyer, D, Indiana Defensive options are going to be tough to come by in this draft but Peter Vermes needs a strong center back for depth reasons in 2012. He may not be as athletic as Vermes may be wanting but he is technically strong and very good in leading a defense.Other options: Chris Estridge (Indiana), Kirk Urso (UNC)
17 Chris Estridge, D, Indiana We knew some changes would be made this winter in Sandy so grabbing some quality defesinve depth has to be a big item on Jason Kreis’ list. Estridge will fill in nicely for the departed Robbie Russell.Other options: Kevan George (UCF), Kirk Urso (UNC)
18 Kirk Urso, M, UNC I can see the Dynamo do a couple things with this pick but grabbing a quality defensive midfielder like Urso seems to make sense to me. He’s good on the ball and has a crazy-good shot from distance.Other options: Kevan George (UCF), Andy Rose (UCLA)
19 Hunter Jumper, D, Virginia Full back options are incredible thin in this draft but LA should be able to snag one of the better ones in this draft down at this positon. They addresed a lot of depth questions in the Re-Entry Draft but getting a quality fullback has to be one of their top priorities in this draft.Other options: Kenney Walker (Louisville), Miguel Ibarra (UCI)
  • Duder

    Kirk urso… the guy who was the third or fourth UNC player to get burned by donnie smith in the final and then got lucky the ref didn’t award a pk when he hauled smith down in the box?

  • Jason1551

    Kirk Urso.. the guy who showed more fire and grit than any other player on the field. He may only be depth, but I would love to have a midfielder with that type of will to win mentality.