Mattocks Considering Skipping MLS?

Mattocks Considering Skipping MLS?

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On December 14, 2011
  • 2012 MLS SuperDraft, Darren Mattocks, Features, Generation adidas

Another top striker considering skipping MLS for the prizes in Europe? It sure seems that way. According to Soccer By Ives, Akron sophomore Darren Mattocks is considering to pass on the proposed Generation adidas deal that the league is offering him to go to Europe.

The Jamaican-born striker is said to be fielding offers from clubs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Mattocks was widely considered one of the top three players in next month’s draft and will create a big hole at the top of the order if he does indeed go to Europe. SBI also mentions that Montreal could be looking to deal the top pick should Mattocks not be available.

According to sources, Montreal was strongly considering Mattocks with its top pick, and may be more inclined to deal the No. 1 overall selection if the Jamaican-born striker is unavailable.

Mattocks could join the list of strikers in recent years that have passed on a MLS deal including Charlie Davies, Marcus Tracey and Mike Grella. All three were considered top strikers in the years they were coming out of college and all passed on MLS deals for more money in Europe.

With Mattocks potentially out of the mix for a GA contract the league could look elsewhere to guys like UCLA’s Chandler Hoffman, South Florida’s Dom Dwyer and UC-Santa Barbara’s Sam Garza.


  • He should probably make note of how those other 3 are doing: 

    Davies – did well with Hammarby, went to France..and, well, we know what happened after that. Jury still very much out. 
    Tracey – went to Aalborg. Scored 2 goals in 15 games in two years. currently without a club.
    Grella – various teams in ‘lower’ English divisions, currently at third-tier Brentford. No goals in 9 league appearances this season (8 as sub)

    I realise that going to Europe is appealing but maybe college ‘stars’ are better off getting a grounding in the pro game from MLS before looking to move abroad for the big deal. And with the new DP rules if they do well enough there’s a fair chance that they’d get a lucrative deal here.

    • Adnan7631

      The new youth DP rules are mostly for incoming players, not those who are already in the system
      Honestly, I believe that the best shot for a college player is to go straight to MLS. As a rookie, they would have a much higher shot at getting playing time, and continuing their development. No guarantees in Europe. Also, if the player is shooting for a national team, there is next to no chance for a lower league in a fringe European soccer country. MLS gives much more exposure.

      • Who says they’re mostly for incoming players, though? That’s the assumption, sure, but I see no reason the rules couldn’t be used to encourage a young USMNT standout to stay in MLS if teams in Europe are knocking about.