2011 MLS Expansion Draft: A Closer Look At Who Montreal Could Take

2011 MLS Expansion Draft: A Closer Look At Who Montreal Could Take

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 22, 2011
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Houston's Danny Cruz could be an easy selection for the Impact tomorrow. (Getty Images)

I’ve already given a mock draft based on my predictions of each MLS club’s protection lists and now that the real lists are out we can get a better sense of who could be actually taken tomorrow.

Every team released their protection lists yesterday evening – with a few surprises listed – Montreal should come away with a decent start to their expansion campaign.

I felt like going team-by-team here to give you all some names that I see being taken tomorrow afternoon by Montreal. Given the names of players out there I think if Montreal plays their cards right, they grab as many quality defenders and midfielders in this draft as they possibly can. I’m sure trades will be made left and right tomorrow but getting a strong base of players is what the Impact have to concentrate on here.

Chicago Fire: The Fire have a couple decent players available for the Impact to select. Guys like Baggio Husidic, Mike Banner and Dan Gargan seem like decent selections for the Impact to make. All are young, cheap and have a decent amount of experience to bring to the plate.

Chivas USA: I was shocked when I saw Chivas’ list. A couple quality players like Blair Gavin, Michael Lahoud, and Zarek Valentine headline their list. There is also a Canadian on the list in the form of Ante Jazic.

Colorado Rapids: Another club with a few shockers. While names like Caleb Folan stand out, more logical and cheaper choices like Anthony Wallace, Sanna Nyassi and Kosuke Kimura stand out to me. If you are wondering about green cards with those guys, Kimura has one and I believe Nyassi may as well (someone may wanna double check me).

Columbus Crew: The Crew took some gambles with bigger names like Andres Mendoza and Danny O’Rouke being exposed but for the most part I view this as a club that should be fine in the expansion process. Too many so-so players that really shouldn’t tempt Montreal.

DC United: The Black-and-Red have a few decent players that could use a change of location like Austin da Luz, Devon McTavish or Marc Burch. This could be a club that doesn’t get picked on tomorrow but those are three names to consider due to age, cost and experience.

FC Dallas: The Hoops are a very interesting bunch. You have guys like Maicon Santos, Ricardo Villar, Daniel Cruz and Bobby Warshaw that all saw plenty of solid minutes this past season for Dallas. I think if Montreal is smart they go with Warshaw. He’s young, cheap and could play in the back or in the defensive side of the midfield.

Houston Dynamo: Not too many shockers here but the one that stands out the most is Danny Cruz. The rest on the list for the Dynamo are too expensive or old to pick from but Cruz makes the most sense to me.

LA Galaxy: The champs have a slew of old, expensive players to pick from along with a few younger guys like Michael Stephens, Paulo Cardozo and Miguel Lopez. If I were the Impact, I’d take Stephens or Cardozo, both have plenty of quality experience and are very cheap.

New England Revolution: You can tell new manager Jay Heaps is going to clear house but why protect two keepers? I think guys like Darrius Barnes, Ryan Guy and Ryan Cochrane would be solid picks for the Impact.

New York Red Bulls: You could see someone like Medhi Ballouchy go but his price could be too high. John Rooney? Maybe. Really – to me – the Red Bulls should come out of this without a player selected from their roster.

Philadelphia Union: Don’t get too excited when you see Freddy Adu listed. He’s too pricy for the Impact to go for here. Only two players really stand out for me from the Union, Justin Mapp and Kyle Nakazawa. Either one seems like a decent pick for the Impact.

Portland Timbers: Apparently there is a standing agreement between the Impact and the Timbers, so I’ll just ignore this club for the time being. We all know Ryan Pore will either be selected or traded to the Impact.

Real Salt Lake: Another quality club that stands to lose someone. Pablo Jr. or Collen Warner still seem like good picks to me. Both young players – if I had to choose – I’d take Warner.

San Jose Earthquakes: The mock draft I did over at SBnation had Ellis McLoughlin taken while I thought someone like Bobby Burling or Brad Ring could be a decent pick up for the Impact.

Seattle Sounders FC: Boy, some folks in Seattle will be pissed no matter what happens tomorrow. Mike Fucito, Lamar Neagle, Patrick Ianni, James Riley, and Tyson Wahl all seem like good picks. Another gamble to consider could be O’Brien White, I know he’s been battling injuries all year and most of his career but when he is healthy he is a dangerous player.

Sporting Kansas City: The first name that jumps out at me continues to be Michael Harrington but after that someone like Seth Sinovic sounds like a good pick to me as well.

Toronto FC: Maybe someone like Adrian Cann or even a gamble on a younger guy like Peri Marosevic could work out for the Impact. I kind of view the Reds as a club that could be fine in all of this though.

Vancouver Whitecaps: Another club that should end up fine in all of this. Only names worth looking at could be defender Michael Boxall or Jonathan Leathers. 

Here are the ten I see getting picked up tomorrow:

Blair Gavin (Chivas)
Michael Harrington (SKC)
Kosuke Kimura (Colorado)
Danny Cruz (Houston)
Mike Fucito (Seattle)
Darrius Barnes (New England)
Michael Stephens (LA)
Dan Gargan (Chicago)
Collen Warner (RSL)
Bobby Warshaw (Dallas)


Michael V.
  • Nov 22 2011
Lamar Neagle is being protected.
  • Nov 22 2011
THere was an announcement yesterday from the Impact about tha Ryan Pore deal, basically Montreal does'nt pick anyone from Portland and they receive a foreigner spot, I guess the 2011 loan of Pore was a little thank you from former 2nd div team... But the announcement disappeared during the night and the link goes to another story. Weird...
  • Nov 22 2011
Wouldn't a player with a green card count as a foreigner for Montreal? 
    • Nov 22 2011
    No because Canadian MLS teams count both Canucks and Americans as domestic. So if Kimura has a US green card then he would count as a domestic and not take up a int'l slot.
  • Nov 22 2011
Drew you are the first to include Danny Cruz in a mock draft and I thank you because I thought I was going crazy. This guy is legit, he is a young dynamic true winger, there are not a lot of players like that in MLS. I don't understand Houston's thought process protecting Clarke over Cruz. Cruz was a shoe in for the U23 camp if Houston doesn't make finals. I think your list lacks the couple of veterans that every expansion team scoops up in these things, I think Birchall or Mapp could be that guy. I also think Zack Schilenski could be the darkhorse pick from NE. 
    Drew Epperley
    • Nov 22 2011
    I went fairly young, yeah, Mapp could be a good pick like you mentioned. As far as Schilawski from NE, that is a decent thought but I think the Impact can do better by getting strikers elsewhere. 
Devin S.
  • Nov 22 2011
Do you not see anyone trying to work out a deal with Montreal to get Freddy Adu? Something that could go like, hey if you pick up Freddy Adu from Philly, then we'll trade you this guy, this guy, and/or this guy for him.
  • Nov 23 2011
I agree, I wonder how much trading will take place today. Will it be announced at the trade or slowly leak out afterwards when Montreal trades all 10 away for allocation, players and draft picks?