Big Night For The Galaxy and MLS

Big Night For The Galaxy and MLS

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 21, 2011
  • 2011 MLS Cup, Features

LA wins 2011 MLS Cup. (Getty Images)

For five years the suits in the Major League Soccer front office and the guys with the big time pocket books have been waiting for this moment. They came close in 2009 in Seattle. Some expected it to happen last year in Toronto only to see the LA Galaxy upstaged by a better FC Dallas team in the conference finals.

No, it was more magical in a sense that it happened this year and last night. The final year of the David Beckham experiment ends with a MLS Cup.

I’ll let that sink in a bit to those who don’t like the Galaxy, Beckham, or Landon Donovan.

The last three years alone for the Galaxy have been pretty darn good. Two trips to the MLS Cup, one title and two Supporter’s Shields. I won’t get into whether or not I believe this is the best team the league has ever seen, comparing this club to the DC clubs of yesterday is kind of ridiculous in my book.

Sure the three-headed monster of Beckham, Donovan and Robbie Keane had a lot to do with the win last night but it also should be noted that manager Bruce Arena has put together an extremely strong team from top to bottom. Depth is there, the youth is stellar and the silverware is now showing up.

It was impressive all together by the Galaxy last night. The Home Depot Center was rocking to the tune of 30-thousand plus, a new record for the soccer venue. The big game on was ESPN for the entire country and world to see as 116 countries watched Beckham and company lift their first MLS Cup since 2005.

The game’s lone goal was also something to be impressed with. Some on Twitter tabbed it as the most expensive goal in MLS Cup history as it went from Beckham’s head to Keane’s right foot to Donovan’s nifty flick to the far post. Yes, that is a DP-to-DP-to-DP goal for those keeping score at home. Total cost of the goal to the Galaxy brass – priceless.

LA was always far and away the better team on the night. They pressed early and often, exposed an iffy spot or two in the Houston back line and had the bulk of the game’s chances. They just couldn’t put one away until the triple-DP special in the 72 minute.

Give some credit to the Dynamo though for making the game at least remotely interesting. Until the goal, it was all about how the Galaxy couldn’t finish the Dynamo off. Houston wasn’t creating many chances of their own and really looked a bit lost on offense without MVP finalist Brad Davis. Some thing the game would have been completely different with Davis on the field and to an extent they would be right but in my mind this game was always the Galaxy’s to dominate.

We know what a Galaxy loss would have meant last night but looking at what the win should and can do for the league is where we are at now. The Galaxy and MLS may lose Beckham after this year is over but don’t count the Galaxy out of things for the years to come. This club has been built not only for 2011 but for the next few years. Should Beckham leave, expect another big name to come take his place.

This Galaxy team will now carry the league banner even more than it ever has. People overseas already spoke of the Galaxy when talking about MLS and now that they are champions, expect them to talk even more about how good the team was this year and possibly even how good the league is getting.

At the end of it all – this was the season the Galaxy and possibly the league’s front office was hoping for – the Galaxy winning on the biggest stage. I’ll admit, it was kind of nice to see the league’s best club from the regular season pick up the title at the end of the year. No Supporters’ Shield jinx there folks.


  • Nov 21 2011
I follow you on twitter, and I have a lot  of English followers and they do not give the MLS the respect it deserves. I debated them on how the MLS is the best league in the world because its competitive format but all they come back with is skill. Please tell why most people outside the State look down at the league though I believe it's better than the SPL?
    Drew Epperley
    • Nov 21 2011
    Basically it comes down to people still seeing the league as it was when it first got started. Over time people will around the globe will come around to the thought of MLS being one of the better leagues. Some folks out there just have too much Euro-biased when it comes to the game. To me, if it is good soccer/football then it doesn't matter what league it is.