2011 Mock Expansion Draft: Who Montreal Could Take

2011 Mock Expansion Draft: Who Montreal Could Take

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 11, 2011
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Brad Evans could be that one Sounder that will be picked by Montreal. (Getty Images)

Over the last few weeks I’ve gone through each of the 18 Major League Soccer clubs and put out the list of players I could see them protecting and not protecting. Many of you have emailed, tweeted, sent messages on Facebook to let me know you’ve enjoyed these lists and that you want a mock draft from these lists.

Well, your wish is here.

To recap, here are the 18 lists: Chicago FireChivas USA, the Colorado Rapids, the Columbus CrewD.C. UnitedFC Dallas, the Houston Dynamo, the Los Angeles Galaxy, the New England Revolution, the New York Red Bulls, the Philadelphia Union, the Portland TimbersReal Salt Lake, the San Jose Earthquakes, the Seattle Sounders FCSporting Kansas City, Toronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

So here are my ten picks (in no particular order).

1. Ryan Pore (Portland) – It has been rumored, reported, etc. that the two clubs have a standing agreement of some sorts. I’m guessing this is part of it since Pore was with Montreal for a little while.

2. Michael Harrington (Sporting KC) – Quality defender. Could be a good pickup for an expansion club.

3. Brad Evans (Seattle) – Sounders fans will hate this but I think they’ve come to terms that they stand to lose someone important to them. He’s another player that comes in around $130k on total compensation.

4. Bobby Burling (San Jose) – A vertan defender, who can be very good at times. Plus he is dirt cheap at $42k a year.

5. Anthony Wallace (Colorado) – They nearly lost him last year but I think Montreal takes a gamble on him this year.

6. Collen Warner (Real Salt Lake) – I went back and forth on a couple RSL players but landed on Warner here. He didn’t progress as much as the club would have liked him to this past year but he could be worth the risk on taking in the expansion draft.

7. Michael Stephens (LA) – Young, cheap and wen needed last year he was a huge part of this club. He didn’t get as much production this season but I could see him do well with more time.

8. Pat Phalen (New England) – A quality defensive midfielder, not a great one but one that could do well in a different setting.

9. Cam Weaver (Houston) – Another one I went back and forth on. He comes in under $100k in compensation which is good but it all comes down to whether or not he is healthy enough for this club.

10. Chris Korb (DC) – Another young, cheap defender. Could be a risk worth taking.


I’ll admit, this wasn’t the easiest selection process. I had a number of guys written down but with the league expanding to 19, having 18 clubs expose a certain number of guys, the quality has diminished a tad. Obviously we’ll have a better idea once the real lists come out as to who Montreal could go after.

This probably isn’t the “best” 10 that could be selected either but you do have to factor in a lot of things like cost, age of the player and nationality as well. In my picks I tried to go a mix of youth with veterans of the league.

There hasn’t been too many comments from Impact coach Jesse Marsch as to what he is hoping to get out of this draft. He and the club could end up grabbing a bunch of players and then immediately trading them around like other expansion clubs have done in recent years. Remember Vancouver and Portland last year? Yeah, it could easily be like that with tons of weird picks and trades to follow. More than likely when this is all said and done the Impact will really have only taken a handful of guys from this draft and traded away the other few for allocation, draft picks, etc.

  • Guest

    Stephens will be protected by LAG…
    Projected protected list:
    1.       Donovan Ricketts (GK)
    2.       Josh Saunders (GK)
    3.       Sean Franklin (D)
    4.       Omar Gonzalez (D)
    5.       AJ De La Garza (D)
    6.       Todd Dunivant (D)
    7.       Landon Donovan (M)
    8.       Mike Magee (M)
    9.       Paulo Cardozo (M)
    10.   Michael Stephens (M)
    11.   Robbie Keane (S)
    GA.  Jack McBean (S)
    Regular contributors not protected:
    1.       David Beckham (contract ends)
    2.       Juninho (loan ends)
    3.       Chad Barrett (expensive salary cap figure)
    4.       Chris Birchall (easily replaceable)
    From what I’ve heard through the entertainment grapevine here in LA, AEG is going to protect both GKs so they can dangle Donovan Ricketts in front of New York for Juan Agudelo.

    • Good comment though one thing to consider…the thing with Beckham is they’ll still have to protect him, even with his expiring contract. He’ll still be on the books through the end of the year and that means he’ll still have that no-trade clause. So he has to be protected, no getting around that unless he approves being on the unprotected list which seems unlikely. 

      The Ricketts thing makes sense, he’s older and injury-prone. That would be a win-win for them if they could dangle him out there to NY to get Agudelo (which is very possible to happen). 

    • LA probably has to protect Becks and they would be crazy to not protect Juninho. I am sure they are trying to keep him for 2012. Impact would grab him and get a new deal in a second.

  • Matt (NEF)

    I dont think that the Impact will take Evans from SSFC.
    His salary maybe to high to take on, even though he wouldn’t take a foreign player slot.
    Miguel Montano was loaned to them during the last half of the year and possibly will be their choice. He is younger, has more raw ability and only $32k+ (bump to $42k if on senior roster) in compensation compared to $132k.

    • Good thought. Sigi said that they might not reup with him, so that might make him even more attractive to Montreal.

  • Shortly after you began your terrific draft series of posts, I went over my own roster lists and came up with these 20 as my top candidates for selection. Not ready to pare down to 10 until I see the protected lists.

    Gabe Ferrari(CHI), Kwami Watson-Siriboe(CHI)
    Ross LaBauex(CHV)
    Andrew Jacobson(FCD)
    Steven King(DCU)
    Adam Moffat(HOU)
    Soony Saad(SKC)
    Bryan Jordon(LA)
    Darius Barnes(NE)
    Auvray(RBNY), John Rooney(RBNY)
    Keon Daniel(PHL)
    Eric Alexander(PTL), David Horst(PTL)
    Chris Shuler(RSL)
    Servando Carrasco(SEA)
    Demitrius Omphroy(TFC), Nathan Sturgis(TFC)
    Jeb Brovsky(VAN).

    • I think Saad, Schuler and maybe Moffat will probably be protected.

  • Great list Drew. I was surprised that you don’t have them going after any GKers, but looking at the potential LA protect list below, that makes a little more sense.

    In theory, do you have Weaver and Pore up top? Seems like a weak group to me. Still great list!

    • It is a weak group, then again I just don’t see them going after a ton of forwards in this draft. That is what the SuperDraft and transfer rounds are for. Same goes for the keepers. They could take one but I see them going outside of the league to get a keeper.

      Expansion drafts are crap-shoots anyways. Like I mentioned above, they’ll probably trade away half of what they pick. I’d be shocked if we didn’t get a few surprises out of this draft.

  • I’ll co-sign this list.