DC United Exploring Baltimore Move

DC United Exploring Baltimore Move

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 3, 2011
  • Features, RFK Stadium

This place just isn't working out for DC. (Getty Images)

Another bit of news I wanted but couldn’t touch on yesterday.

DC United has been making news this week at a possible move to Baltimore. United’s unhappiness with RFK Stadium is well documented over the last few years and only continues to get worse for the Black-and-Red.

United is laying the groundwork for a possible move though. According to the Washington Post, Baltimore has entered into preliminary talks with the team about moving to a new stadium Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium. Team president Kevin Payne – who has been involved with United from the very beginning –  made it clear that something has to be done.

“This isn’t a game. This is serious. This isn’t a bluff. Part of it is trying to understand what that means for our business.”

United is now looking down the road to Baltimore and the league has even commissioned a survey to explore that possibility.

A very interesting survey that really ticked some folks off around the league. Odd to see both Columbus and Dallas on the list of clubs that fans may have moved to Baltimore. Same goes to having Philadelphia and New York on there as well. All four of those clubs have stadiums of their own, youth systems that they have invested lots of money (millions even) in, and even if the fan bases aren’t there in Columbus or Dallas, the clubs are still fairly well funded by the Hunts.

I know the Hunts are trying to get more local investors in Columbus to help potentially sell off that club but that is still a ways away. But even that item is another topic for another day.

Time for a change, even if it is a move for United. I know some fans won’t want this to happen but if it gets the team to be healthy again financially, the move is all worth it in the end. Soccer is a business too ya know.