2011 Expansion Draft List: Seattle Sounders FC

2011 Expansion Draft List: Seattle Sounders FC

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 3, 2011
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Seattle stands to lose an important player in the expansion draft. (Getty Images)

I don’t think many folks expected to see this list so soon. With the Seattle Sounders exiting the playoffs last night after there 3-2 (on aggregate) loss to Real Salt Lake, the list had to be made. Boy, Montreal has to make the most of this too as the Sounders stand to lose one quality player.

To recap, I’ve already looked at the Chicago FireChivas USA, the Colorado Rapids, the Columbus CrewD.C. UnitedFC Dallas, the New England Revolution, the Portland Timbers, the San Jose EarthquakesToronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

Protected List: 

1. Steve Zakuani – I still wonder what this season would have been like with him out there.

2. Fredy Montero – Still one of the best strikers in the league.

3. Mauro Rosales – No brainer here folks.

4. Osvaldo Alonso – Would be a total steal if he were left unprotected.

5. James Riley – Consistent defender, veteran.

6. Jeff Parke – See Riley.

7. Jhon Kennedy Hurtado – When healthy, he is one of the top defenders in the league.

8. Sammy Ochoa – Loads of potential with this youngster.

9. Lamar Neagle – Could possibly be one of my favorite Sounders.

10. Mike Fucito – People love this guy, and I can see why. Great work rate, plenty of upside.

11. Alvaro Fernandez – Their other DP, he was last on my list mainly because I wonder if he has the no trade clause or not. Could play a factor.

Home Grown/Generation adidas Players:

  • Michael Tetteh

Unprotected List:

  • Patrick Ianni
  • Erik Friberg
  • Leo Gonzalez
  • O’Brien White
  • David Estrada
  • Kasey Keller
  • Zach Scott
  • Nate Jaqua
  • Mike Seamon
  • Servando Carrasco
  • Roger Levesque
  • Pat Noonan
  • Tyson Wahl
  • Terry Boss
  • Amadou Sanyang
  • Miguel Montano
  • Bryan Meredith
  • Brad Evans


The note I made about Fernandez is a key one. With a DP salary and the possibility that he doesn’t have the no trade clause could mean he would be left exposed. If this is the case then someone like Brad Evans would be protected. I really came down to protecting either Evans, Neagle, Ochoa, and Fucito. All are important to the future of this club but one of them likely could be exposed.


Ned Smitty
  • Nov 3 2011
Looks like you forgot Erik Friberg and Tyson Wahl.  I could see Seattle protecting both of them over Riley.  I'm a big fan of Riley's but I'd keep both of them over him and if I had to choose one I'd go with Friberg, otherwise I agree with your list.
    Drew Epperley
    • Nov 3 2011
    You must have commented on this while I was adding those two in there. Thanks though for noticing.  I see your points on Riley, I just view him getting saved right now. Could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time. 
Drew Epperley
  • Nov 3 2011
One point I forgot to make though was about Montano. He was on loan with Montreal this year. Just something to consider even if that loan ended. 
  • Nov 3 2011
Can't see Riley being protected. I think he's seen his last day as a starter for this team. Too much of a liability. I think they'll protect Friberg instead.
  • Nov 3 2011
C'mon no way Seattle doesn't protect Brad Evans, they love that guy. Riley left unprotcected and if possible Fernandez left unprotected for Friberg. 
Michael Vlaming
  • Nov 3 2011
I don't like the thought of White being left unprotected, although there is no one I'd want to take off of the list to make room for him.
  • Nov 3 2011
there are only 2 internationals on this list. Montero, Hurtado, and Zakuani all have green cards so only Fernandez and Rosales are internationals so Friberg will most likely be protected. I would probably swap him for riley on the list.
Kelly Mullins
  • Nov 4 2011
No way they don't protect Evans; he'll take Ochoa's spot.  I think Riley has seen his last game as a starter; Friberg is the keeper over him. Not having a keeper to protect certainly helps the Sounders this year.
Michael Vlaming
  • Nov 7 2011
Just noticed, Josh Ford wasn't included in the list of un-protected players.
  • Nov 13 2011
Completely agree about Brad Evans!  Having him unprotected seems ridiculous. This is a decently deep roster, so I can easily see Riley being unprotected, and agree with Friberg also being protected.  No way Riley is protected with those two still out there IMO.
  • Nov 14 2011
My Dad and I put together our own list and agreed someone will be left off that will be a star with his new team, like when Sebastian LeTioux was taken. I really think they need to keep 5 mids.  There's no guarantee that Zakuani will be healthy in time next season.  Wahl was left unprotected last season I expect him to be exposed again. Your comment at the end about Neagle/Fucito/Ochoa/Evans is spot on.  I expect that whichever one is left out will be taken.