2011 Expansion Draft List: Colorado Rapids

2011 Expansion Draft List: Colorado Rapids

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On November 3, 2011
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Losing Conor Casey was a major blow for the Rapids in 2011. (Getty Images)

A little programming note to kick things off today. Sorry for the radio silence yesterday (except for Geoff’s Champion’s League previews), I was hardly even able to look at soccer stuff until late in the evening when the two MLS playoff games were on. By then, I wasn’t even in the mood to write, it was a long day at the office. Hopefully today is a little lighter as I have a couple of these lists to get to.

Okay, back on the expansion draft list train now that Colorado and Seattle are done in the playoffs. I hope to get to Seattle’s list later today if all possible.

The Colorado Rapids crashed out of the playoffs last night in Kansas City, losing 4-0 on aggregate to Sporting. That series really wasn’t even close in my mind.

To recap, I’ve already looked at the Chicago FireChivas USA, the Columbus CrewD.C. UnitedFC Dallas, the New England Revolution, the Portland Timbers, the San Jose EarthquakesToronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

Protected List: 

1. Matt Pickens – Underrated keeper in the league, someone any expansion club would grab in a heart beat.

2. Jeff Larentowicz – Big Red is as good as they come in this league in the center of the park. Losing him in a draft like this would be a crime.

3. Conor Casey – Injuries played a big part for the Rapids and Casey this year, he’ll be back in 2012, stronger than ever.

4. Omar Cummings – Got to think his international value took a major dip in 2011, I’d imagine he’ll stick around another year in Denver.

5. Caleb Folan – At times, he was quality for them. But that international tag may save him in the end.

6. Jamie Smith – Another player that was bugged by injuries in 2011, Smith can be a big force for the Rapids in the midfield though when healthy.

7. Kosuke Kimura – A fairly underrated defender in my eyes, worth holding on to.

8. Brian Mullen – Seattle fans still don’t like this guy but he’s good enough to hold on to here.

9. Sanna Nyassi – International tag helps him out but he really did well this season when Casey went down.

10. Drew Moor – Veteran defender, easy save.

11. Marvell Wynne – His speed alone helps save him but he is also a quality defender that you can’t lose this easy.

Home Grown/Generation adidas Players:

  • Davy Armstrong
  • Josh Janiere

Unprotected List:

  • Danny Earls
  • Joseph Nane
  • Anthony Wallace
  • Eddie Ababio
  • Macoumba Kandji
  • Quincy Amourikwa
  • Steven Emory
  • Wells Thompson
  • Ross LaBouex
  • Ian Joyce
  • Andre Akpan
  • Pablo Mastroeni
  • Michael Holody
  • Scott Palguta
  • Miguel Comminges
  • Tyrone Marshall


Another fairly simple team to figure out. They have to save the key elements to the club and will likely end up losing someone in this draft. You could make the case for guys like Comminges, Marshall, Kandji or Wallace to be saved. No real fault there as I could easily see people wanting to save one of them over Folan, Smith or Mullan.


  • Nov 3 2011
Man looking at this team they really have no young players to get excited about.  Obviously games are not played with U23 rostes but this roster and the roster limitations in the league suggest have 3-5 guys who are homegrown, gen. adidas or cheap is a good idea. 
    Drew Epperley
    • Nov 3 2011
    Yeah, I said going into the year that they needed to add youth and depth. They did neither really. They have a decent core group of players but other that they are incredibly thin. 
  • Nov 3 2011
Will Gary Smith getting canned factor into this list at all? Or is it pretty set in your mind?
    Drew Epperley
    • Nov 3 2011
    Eh, it could change a couple players around...depending on who Bravo and the new coach would want to keep. But I can't see any major changes with Smith gone.
  • Nov 4 2011
Kandji, Akpan and Thompson seem like decent younger talent that has potential. Mastroeni could be an excellent leader for a Marsch coached team, but he would probably retire rather than be picked at this point.