2011 Expansion Draft List: FC Dallas

2011 Expansion Draft List: FC Dallas

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 28, 2011
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Fabian Castillo should be a protected player for FC Dallas. (Getty Images)

Another expansion draft list for you on this Friday afternoon.

This one centers around the team I’m most familiar with, FC Dallas. I will keep this one fairly short as I find FCD to be one of the easier teams to put a list down on paper (or type out in this case).

To recap, I’ve already looked at the Chicago FireChivas USAD.C. United, the New England Revolution, the Portland Timbers, the San Jose EarthquakesToronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

Protected List: 

1. David Ferreira – Yes he was injured all season and yes he is a DP. They could leave him off since he has such a high contract but I don’t see FCD doing that.

2. Brek Shea – No explanation needed.

3. Ugo Ihemelu – Recent re-signed with the club for a long term deal, one of the better center backs in the league.

4. George John – I feel he won’t be with the club next year but they’ll still protect him regardless.

5. Andrew Jacobson – They’d be silly not to protect a remarkably cheap player like AJ.

6. Fabian Castillo – I believe he loses his DP tag after this season (it was to do the transfer fee), he’ll be protected regardless though.

7. Jair Benitez – International that they’ll hold on to.

8. Marvin Chavez – He’s on loan right now, I’d expect they’ll buy his contract this winter.

9. Zach Loyd – One of the more underrated defenders in the league right now.

10. Jackson – This man can play everywhere on the field.

11. Kevin Hartman – I went back and forth on this one as you’ll see below but I’d keep the best keeper in the league.

Home Grown/Generation adidas

  • Andrew Wiedeman
  • Richard Sanchez
  • Victor Ulloa
  • Ruben Luna
  • Moisis Hernandez
  • Josh Lambo
  • Jonathan Top
  • Bryan Leyva

Unprotected List

  • Daniel Cruz
  • Daniel Hernandez
  • Ricardo Villar
  • Bruno Guarda
  • Maicon Santos
  • Maykel Galindo
  • Bobby Warshaw
  • Jeremy Hall
  • Jack Stewart
  • Chris Seitz


You could see them not protect Hartman in place of Cruz or even Villar but to me it is smarter to hold on to a keeper like Hartman than to risk letting him go this easily. For what it is worth, he was protected last season.

Dallas probably stands to lose someone here as they have a couple young guys that could be worth taking in this draft like Warshaw or Guarda.

With so many HGP and GA players on the roster, Dallas is pretty cut and dry about who will be saved compared to most clubs in the league.

  • I don’t see why they’d protect John since he’s probably going to be leaving anyway.  I would think they’d protect Hernandez since he’s the team captain.  I’d swap those two.  Other than that I think the rest of the list looks spot on.

    • DH won’t be protected. He wasn’t last year and he likely won’t be this year. Plus there is some small speculation that he could retire this winter.

  • Jamezyjamez

    Some thoughts…
    * It would be cool if George (or even Brek) let us know if they planned on leaving over the winter.
    * May be nice to keep one of Villar or Cruz protected given we don’t know how DF will be upon return.
    * AJ has lost value over course of season; agree that his price and versatility make him a likely protected, but could be interesting as we haven’t seen him be able to play the “Dax”/linking role consistently so he’d likely be DH-in-training or maybe even cover for George John in the back.
    * Warshaw, Hall or Seitz would be my top guesses as players who would be picked, maybe Cruz.

    • George will likely be gone after this year. Most of us here in Dallas are banking on it. As for Brek, I still hold a firm belief that he’ll be around for at least the majority of the 2012 season. 

      If you had to pick one of Villar or Cruz, which would it be? Neither really never stepped up like Dallas needed them to. Villar showed promise at times but really won’t be a major pick up if selected in this draft. 

      Don’t count out AJ, his injury during the summer really hurt him and the club. That was a turning point really when he got banged up. Without him on the field, DH really had to step up and to be fair, his legs just couldn’t handle it down the stretch once AJ was finally getting back into the lineup. 

      I don’t think many in Dallas would care if Hall was picked up, most would encourage Montreal to do it. Warshaw would be a tough break, he could be saved just because he is thought to be the DH-in-training right now. They could afford to lose Seitz too, it wouldn’t be a major blow to them. 

  • Wouldn’t FCD protect Shea or George in any case? I mean even if they leave, Dallas gets a piece of the transfer fee so why not hold on to their MLS rights?

    And I seriously, seriously doubt Montreal takes Seitz. Really? LOL

    • For Shea, yes they’d get a piece of his transfer. For GJ, they’d likely only get a allocation kind of deal where if he failed in Europe after a year and came back to MLS that FCD would have his rights still.