2011 Expansion Draft List: Chicago Fire

2011 Expansion Draft List: Chicago Fire

  • Posted by Drew Epperley
  • On October 28, 2011
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Chicago came very close to the post season, now they have to focus on saving the right 11 for the expansion draft. (Getty Images)

I took a day or so off from writing these lists, but I hope to get to at least two today.

Today, we are focusing on the Chicago Fire. Frank Klopas’ team struggled out of the gate due to injuries and youth but once former manager Carlos de los Cobos was shown the door, the Fire turned things around in the summer and ended up being a decent team for 2012. I’ll go ahead and say it, this will be a tough team next season and one that should contend.

To recap, I’ve already looked at Chivas USA, D.C. United, the New England Revolution, the Portland Timbers, the San Jose EarthquakesToronto FC and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Keep in mind the rules of the expansion draft, to read more about them click here.

Protected List: 

1. Pavel Pardo – He proved to be quite a pickup for the Fire, much better than folks expected.

2. Dominic Oduro – Talk about a resurgence. Oduro nearly lead the league in goals this season and quickly became a guy that they could lean on for their attack.

3. Patrick Nyarko – Possibly one of the most underrated players in the league. So good at setting up things.

4. Marco Pappa – A key player, no doubt about it. Big question will be if they can hold on to him.

5. Diego Chaves – When healthy, he was one of their best strikers this season.

6. Baggio Husidic – He’s quickly became one of the better midfielders for this club, definitely showing a lot of growth in 2011.

7. Sebastien Grazzini – Key for them down the stretch.

8. Logan Pause – A veteran, their leader really.

9. Jalil Anibaba – Rookie of the year candidate, a must save really.

10. Orr Barrouch – Played in a lot of games this season, didn’t start a whole bunch but one they may have to save.

11. Cory Gibbs – I went back and forth on this one, he was key for them in defense this year, especially late in the year.

Home Grown/Generation adidas players:

  • Sean Johnson
  • Corben Bone
  • Victor Pineda
  • Kellen Gulley

Unprotected List:

  • John Conway
  • Dan Gargan
  • Kwame Watson-Siriboe
  • Daniel Paladini
  • Gonzalo Segares
  • Mike Banner
  • Michael Videira
  • Josip Mikulic
  • Pari Pantazopoulos
  • Steven Kinney
  • Cristan Nazarit
  • Alec Duffy
  • Gabriel Ferrari
  • Yamith Cuesta


The big questions on my list are probably Barroach and Gibbs. The rest I think are locks. The real question will be if Sean Johnson graduates out of the GA program. If he does, then he will certainly be protected over one of those two. No doubt about that.

I thought about Gargan over someone like Pause or Gibbs as well but in the end those two seemed more valuable in a long-term situation to the Fire than Gargan does right now.

What do you think Fire fans? Any issues here?

  • roadvirusss

    Not sure I’d expect Husidic to be protected over Segares. 

  • with pappa saying he is off to europe, wonder if they will take a risk and not protect him

    • Its kind of a damn if you do, damn if you don’t kind of thing. I think you have to protect him so you have still have that “claim” to him should he somehow return to MLS down the road.

  • SIB

    There’s no way Baggio gets protected and Gonzalo not. Also, it’s almost certain that SJ graduates GA after the minutes he logged this year. I also think Orr goes unprotected, although I’m not sure what his availability would be in the draft since Chicago seems to have reportedly picked up his option.

  • OleGunar20

    there is no need to protect pardo.  he’s going to be 36 and makes $160K … that is not the kind of player an expansion team takes.  in the expansion draft you protect your bargains, like gargan, who played 1800 minutes for $70K..

    SJ is going to graduate.  book it.  so he will have to be protected.

    logan pause is old, mediocre and way too expensive to bother protecting.

    seagares and barouch are iffy, could go either way.  solid left backs are hard to find, even at $170K.  and barouch is a super cheap super sub, just the kind of bargain that expansion teams look for.

  • Martin

    Agree with the sentiment that Segares is protected